Are you socially active? Are you a small business? If so, there’s a new tool that’s aimed right at you. It’s called Socialot.

Small Business, Big Ideas

Recently launched, Socialot was borne from small business owners. The idea is that it lets busy people, like owners of small businesses manage their social media without feeling like their social media is managing them. Best suited for companies that don’t necessarily have a marketing department or whose owners aren’t that particularly socially savvy, Socialot does the heavy lifting for you so you can leverage the power of social media, without it sucking up all your time.

The biggest challenge for small business owners is that with limited staff and budgets, it’s not always possible to position yourself in front of social media. Often, it feels more like you’re trying to keep up. Although small business can take advantage of not having to run big marketing ideas past corporate executives, being in charge of social media can be rather daunting if you’re not all that familiar with how it all works. Besides, if you’re not living and breathing social media, it can be hard to keep up with the next big thing.

Standing Up for Small Business 

So what does Socialot do exactly? Socialot let users manage multiple social media accounts -- such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube -- from a single site. With one click, a small-business owner can post updates, share news and monitor their online business reputation. Of course, many social management platforms let you do this. How does Socialot stand out?

With Socialot you can:

  • Keep engaged with clients through a contact lead management system featuring a social media interface.
  • Monitor the Internet for mentions of their company name (such as reviews or news).
  • Share promotions, news releases, messages, pictures or videos to multiple social media sites at once.
  • Schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn -- days or months in advance.
  • Share positive reviews across multiple social media sites.

Using what it calls a social media content management system, Socialot offers a convenient way to store information about your brand. For those who have grown accustomed to the look and feel of content management system interfaces, Socialot will be easy to navigate, more so than the traditional social media dashboard widgets.




As well, Socialot provides a lot of great features, that don’t usually come standard with many free management platforms. While Socialot isn’t free, it is very affordable, which will be a plus for many small businesses, who don’t necessarily want or can’t pay for the enterprise offerings. First you get a 30-day trial. After that it’s only $US 39.99/month. At that price, many medium sized business will want to take a look.