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Spredfast meet Bazaarvoice. For many of you, this may be the first time you’re hearing either name, but if you’re continually trying to effectively capture the voice of the customer, you may want to remember them. Today, the social marketing software provider has integrated Bazaarvoice’s technology into its social media management platform. As a result, brands will have the ability to monitor, manage and amplify ratings and reviews across multiple social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Amplify Authentic Word-of-Mouth

By incorporating organic user ratings and reviews into its social programs, Spredfast customers will now be able to monitor Bazaarvoice review and rating content directly from within the Spredfast Social Inbox and immediately leverage the content across multiple social channels.

Anyone who’s ever browsed user reviews of a product before purchasing knows that customer ratings and reviews are a big part of customer experience and can have a significant impact on sales. For companies, managing and integrating this high-value content into their social program isn't easy. The Bazaarvoice integration allows companies to monitor and leverage this content in their social programs, as well as target the content based on a consumer’s social connections, interests and location to further boost engagement.

This Bazaarvoice video highlights the different ways they help turn social data into actionable results.

Learning Opportunities

New functionality of the integration includes:

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Ratings and Reviews: users can pull ratings and reviews directly into the Spredfast Social Inbox to get a more holistic view of conversations, and build custom search streams to focus on specific products, ratings and review feedback.
  • Streamlined Ratings and Reviews Management: companies can take actions on a review by routing it to the correct team and identify positive ratings and reviews to use as social content. 
  • Social Amplification: marketers can easily leverage positive reviews in social content, campaigns and ads. Spredfast pre-populates amplified posts with key components of the review, including product, location, rating and a link to the product page. Customers can then customize and target the messages to increase the likelihood of engagement.
  • Measurement: social media managers can tag review content when it is published to social networks to measure the content’s effectiveness.

Cut Through the Noise

The voice of the customer is the loudest it’s ever been, thanks to social and user-generated platforms. Users have a lot of interesting things to say, but it’s not always easy to hear through the chaos that social streams can bring. The Spredfast and Bazaarvoice integration is bound to cut down on the noise so marketers can best amplify the most useful content.