Email marketing service provider, StreamSend, has announced a new feature for its StreamSend Share 2.0 marketing suite, where users now have the ability to schedule social media posts.

Engagement Optimization

Through research, StreamSend has found that while many marketers are adapting social media and email marketing approaches, they struggle to maintain customer interest in their pages by not being able to update often. In its research StreamSend has found that most people tend to check their social media channels in the morning and evening, making this a prime time for businesses to post new information, which can lead to 20 percent more interaction rates between the two groups. In turn, this can lead to higher conversion, ROI and revenue rates.

As most businesses tend to operate during the daytime, there needs to be a way to capitalize on this morning and evening market.

For StreamSend Share, as was mentioned, an auto-posting feature has been added, which in name is similar to Post Planner, where users can schedule posts to social media pages, such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In addition to this, once a post is published it’s pinned to a “brand board” with other relevant posts, so these pins can be shared and users can opt into an email list. Users also have the ability to track both their social and email marketing from a centralized dashboard tool. 


StreamSend: Social Marketing

StreamSend was founded in 1998 as part of EZ Marketing. The company’s central focus is on creating and developing solutions that help clients communicate better with their consumers. Despite having a focus on email marketing with StreamSend Share, reviewers have found that the platform needs improvement.

A recent review from Website Planet found the company didn't offer a lot needed extra assistance, which proved to be problematic for those who need a little extra help. For example, while the review said the user interface was easy to understand and use, it did have its faults.

The template editor is lacking some of the basic features,” said the review. “One example is that you cannot add the social sharing buttons or more content boxes from within the template editor.”

Another reviewer wasn't as skeptical, but did acknowledge that while StreamSend's basic interface made it a good tool for some, it wasn't for everyone.

It is not the best email marketing solution but it is an excellent starting point with an organised interface, some good features and with a pricing structure that may be ideal for some,” said a review from the Empower Network. “StreamSend is ideal if you don’t have much knowledge of email marketing or you are looking for a good value simple solution and also it is good for small businesses.”

Other products and services that the company offers include private label email marketing, API development and autoresponders.

StreamSend Share is available as a free download from the company's website.