A new report from eMarketer explores what technology trends will be useful for marketers in 2013. The report concludes that marketers not only have to engage customers across social media platforms, but use other tools available to them, such as mobile and video advertisements.

In today’s world, marketers always have to be a step ahead, predicting new trends and finding new ways to connect with their audience in hopes to increase company revenue. If marketers know what customers might be looking for in the coming months based on current trends, than the odds tend to be more in their favor, and campaigns are more likely to succeed.

The eMarketer report, Digital Media Usage Snapshot 2013, sponsored by ExactTarget, is composed of data collected about marketing topics over the last year in the United States, such as social media usage and advertisement spending numbers. After analyzing the data, eMarketer has determined that social networking, online video and e-Commerce sites will continue to grow and there will be an influx of wireless devices, with most of this growth coming from smartphones and tablets.

The Social Media Giant

As it is well known, social media continues to grow as a marketing tool. Older sites, like Facebook, have updated their social platform to include a marketing section, while newer sites like Pinterest have their own set of marketing tools. Social network usage in the US will increase overall by 4.1 percent from 2012, bringing the amount of people who use social media up to 164.2 million.

Despite a rise across social media as a whole, the report suggests that in 2013 marketers should be concentrating on either improving or creating a Facebook page. The social network is expected to still be the most visited and have the most members, ending 2013 with an estimated 146.7 million members.

Shopping from Home

E-commerce sites, such as eBay will continue to be something that marketers should keep in mind when looking at ways to increase revenue and build a customer base. According to eMarketer, over 190 million people in the Unites States will engage in some sort of online shopping, whether it’s browsing or buying. More specifically, the number of people who browse online shopping sites will be around 189.6 million, while those who purchase an item will fall around 156.1 million.

Therefore, when designing marketing plans and campaigns, marketers should look at a way to draw in customers by getting them to browse online catalogues or buy from an online store.

Compact Customer Engagement

With over 250 million users, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones can prove to be a formidable tool for marketers. Since their introduction, tablets have proven to be a easy way for people to browse the internet from a more compact device, without having to drag around a laptop or sit at a desk.

In 2013, eMarketer predicts that 99 million people will use a tablet device, with 70.5 million of these users using the iPad. Also, e-readers, despite being a newer invention, are seen as a good engagement tool through their internet browsing capability. The report suggests that the amount of adults using these devices in 2013 will be 50.9 million or 21 percent of the adult population.

With 95.6 percent or 143.5 million people using the internet on their mobile device, marketers have the opportunity to capitalize on this market by creating mobile-only directed campaigns.

Video is on the Rise

Video and its impact has been steadily improving in the last few years, since the creation of YouTube in 2005. Now users can not only post videos, but watch television on both mobile and desktop devices. Over the past couple of years, YouTube has added 30 second “commercials” to the start of videos, while this year, social networking sites, such as LinkedIn have added a video advertising platform.

Fifty six percent of the United States population, or 178.7 million people, will watch online videos in 2013. To be more specific, 73.3 million people will be watching videos from a mobile device, while 87.6 million users will watch a movie online and 110.4 million a television show. 

These numbers indicate that not only do marketers need to be more aware of video advertising, but be aware of where people are going for their entertainment, since television and film aren't solely regulated to television screens and movie theaters. Marketers can use this opportunity to add commercials to videos or banner ads to a webpage.


With all of this mind, marketers and their teams should evaluate their current marketing platform and if it doesn't include these features, adjustments need to be made. By having a well-rounded marketing plan, companies will be able to reach as many customers as possible and increase their overall online impact.