Free analytics platform SumAll is a startup focused on providing at-a-glance insight into social and e-commerce ROI, and the company has a new round of funding to fine tune its product -- and donate to charity.

SumAll started up in 2011, and its data visualization tool looks at revenue streams and social media to see where they correlate. The company specializes in small and medium sized online stores.

Funding for Google Analytics + Instagram Connections, Charitable Foundation

SumAll pulls in data from Google Analytics, Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, eBay and others to show how it compares.

This gives companies a hint about what services are driving purchases, where their advocates and champions are, and what exactly is working.

As social media becomes even more popular, virtually every company will want to track how it is performing, and since SumAll is free, it should become popular in this space.

However, the New York based company is also focused on a mission to give to charities, and has set up a foundation at to do just that. 

Lately, the company has focused on donation efforts around the New York area following the hurricane Sandy disaster. In fact, US $500,000 of the new funding round has gone directly to the foundation, and all SumAll employees have invested 10% of their company holdings into the same.


Easy to read charts plot where revenue meets up with social media traffic.

We aren't sure if this kind of charity is part of the next generation of start up ideology, but it is definitely not something we see very often. It could be a marketing ploy, but hurricane Sandy may simply loom so large in the company's life that it has served as inspiration to serve the region it lives and works in.

Big Data for Small Firms

Making better decisions using data has been an ongoing theme in the enterprise space. IBM, Oracle and SAP are the biggest IT companies in the world, and they are very active in analytics. Obviously, SumAll is not focused on billion dollar companies, but a premium model is in the works. 

Another metric SumAll's dashboard tracks is time spent on a website versus how much money people spend. In other words, how much value do site visits generate? Not every Web hit is a buyer, and SumAll has calculated the median value of a site visit to be about US $1.30. This is somewhat dependent on the type of business, but SumAll also has determined that customers will start spending money once they have been on the site for just over three minutes on average.

Those are good insights to have for tailoring content and shaping customer experiences. Let us know in the comments if you use Google analytics and how helpful it has been or if you started there and moved on to another platform.