Tealium Integrates with Splunk for Rich Data Analytics

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Tealium tag management

Tealium Integrates with Splunk for Website Data Analytics

Splunk, a big data and analytics vendor, has integrated the Tealium tag management system into its Enterprise 5 system so customers can collect visitor interaction data from websites and mobile apps.

Segmenting Customer Behavior

Combined with Tealium's DataCloud, Splunk Enterprise users can add another layer to the stream of server side and machine data sources being collected. This extra layer should be able to give organizations an even deeper level of understanding of their customers.

Once Splunk is set up within DataCloud, customers can stream event level data like content attributes, product details and conversation information back to Splunk Enterprise for analysis. This behavior related data is a powerful source of insight and can be used by Splunk for segmentation and querying. That ability could provide precisely the type of action needed to take to improve customer experiences.

Building customer profiles is one way collected data can be used, and once profiles are established, they can be used for targeting and personalization, for example. Tealium uses tags or snippets of code that don't require deep technical knowledge to wrangle, a handy way to make it more accessible beyond IT teams. 

Learning Opportunities

DataCloud Development, Tag Management Mania

Tealium is a leader in tag management, but its DataCloud data layer only launched in 2013. Since then, the company has raised another US$ 15.6 million in funding and grown by over 250 customers in the first quarter of 2013. Furthermore, Tealium commissioned a Forrester report that found enterprises increasingly using tags to distribute data across their organization to be used by marketers across channels.

Splunk reported similar rosy numbers at the end of 2012 as far as customer growth, though it didn't generate US$ 15 million in funding. The two companies will team up again, so to speak, when Tealium exhibits at the .conf2013 annual Splunk conference in Las Vegas Sept. 30 to Oct. 3 2013.

We always like to see when these kinds of niche companies find each other and team up to support the things they do in common. Partnerships are key for both companies as they navigate the enterprise because it offers a way to give customers more for their money. If it works out well, it will mean opportunities abound, and there's certainly no shortage of websites and apps that could use a jolt of data analytics.

Neither company makes its pricing publicly available, but it's not likely something many small businesses could afford. As both companies continue innovating new features or products, however, perhaps more of their capabilities could drop in price a bit.

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