Customer Experience: Tellagence Launches Tellagence Discover

Social analytics company Tellagence has released Tellagence Discover, a social research and analytics tool for Twitter designed to improve how marketers connect with customers through a keyword conversation method.

Conversation is Key

With only 140 characters,Twitter appears to be about making a point and making it quickly, but at its core it's about conversations with people who have similar interests. According to Tellagence, most of the time digital marketers tend to group customers together based on uninformative data, such as people who have bought their product or mentioned it in a tweet or by gender or location. Although this information may be true, it doesn’t show marketers what these people are saying about their brand and products or even if they should be targeted during a campaign.

Traditionally, a company segments their consumer into broad buckets using demographics, “ wrote Tellagence Director of Marketing, Sarah Buchanan in a blog post. “This allows a company to market to consumers with similar attributes. Today, however, consumer’s preference is fast changing with technology and social platforms creating opportunity to understand consumers at a much deeper level.”

This is why Tellagence developed Tellagence Discover, so that digital marketers can better understand their customers by looking at what they are saying and how they are saying it.

Just One Word

As a social research and analytics tool, Tellagence Discover is designed to help marketers and their brands analyze Twitter conversations and find out what people are really talking about.  When using Discover, a user types in a specific word into the Tellagence Topic Builder, such as "smartphone," and the system will pull seven days of data that have connections to that keyword, such as posts that mentioned the word iPhone, Samsung or HTC. Within 24 hours users will be able to see the top 500 themes related to that topic.

This will help users identify customer themes, specific interests and the methods of engagement they should be using on the information network. Which, in turn, will help the brand better identify with its audience, see how its competition is faring and improve its content strategy.

Tweets are also broken down by top platform, links, hashtags, countries and cities.

Who Are Tellagence?

Launched in October, Tellagence develops social data solutions to improve customer experiences and marketing campaigns. Along with Discover, there is also Tellagence Community, a social marketing intelligence tool that helps marketers track engagement and form better relationships with those who are influenced by a company’s social posts.