Content Marketing Tools of the Trade
CMWorld offered lots of ideas to improve your content marketing strategies. Try one of these content marketing tools to make the process a little easier. If it's tips you're in the mood for, check out these insights from a few content marketing gurus.

Don't Ignore Your Data
If all you do is collect data about your customers, then you have a problem. Turn that information into actions and you have the real key to positive ROI.

If it's marketing campaigns you want to improve, check out Adobe's new social analytics solution. Or maybe you want some solid suggestions for all that Google Analytics data. There are also tools like Autonomy IDOL that can help improve the customer experience.

Are Your Social Collaboration Tools Up to Snuff?
On the internal collaboration side, this week microblogs and communities were updated in IBM Connections, virtual agents were added to Moxie Chat Spaces, and a new workspace was added to Atlassian's collaboration platform.

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