Top 40 Most Influential CEOs on Social Media [Infographic]

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Anyone who's ever wondered how to measure social media impact, should take note of the most influential CEOs on social media.

In this case, we are ranking them by the highest Klout rating. Not Kred, Klout.

Surprise, A Celebrity is #1

Rueters and Klout came up with this list of the 40 most influenctial CEOs on social media, and as most probably suspected, the rankings don't go by number of followers. However, because Klout has been less than forthcoming on just how it determines its rankings, it's easy to assume that it does, at least partially, matter.

After all, the most influental CEO on social media is Oprah Winfrey, and she has 15 million followers on Twitter. Yes, Klout does give us a list of some things it measures to determine social media influence, but just how those items are weighted is what we don't know.

Additionally, Klout tries to measure how influential people are in real life, and not just online. That's taking it one step too far we think, because most people simply aren't that active online. Obviously, the people in this list are active on Twitter, but really, how influential can the CEO of Groupon be outside of this list? 

Andrew Mason, Groupon's CEO, came in at #33 on the list, right behind Mashable's Pete Cashmore and Chad Hurley of Delicious. If that brief sample makes it sound like tech companies are well represented on the list, that's because they are. In fact, the top 40 scores are almost all tech companies, and specifically, Internet based companies. The only real outliers are Winfrey, Virgin's Richard Branson and Mickey Arison of Carnival cruise lines.

Learning Opportunities

Social Media Influence How To

Want to gain influence on social media? Consider this a short list of people to try to engage with. That means connecting with them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and even Wikipedia and Foursquare. CEOs of Twitter and Foursquare both made the top 40 list, by the way, so they might be the best overall to engage.

Just to show the Klout scores aren't biased at all, make sure to give these people +K on Klout to show how influential they are. The more +K is dispensed, the higher someone's own Klout score will go. Klout puts a cap on this number for every 90 day period to keep people from abusing it, though.

Below is the infographic with all the relevant details of the top 40 most influential CEOs on social media, their Klout scores, the company they work for and number of Twitter followers.

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Infographic from TopManagementDegrees.com