Twitter and Hootsuite have partnered up for an ad campaign by giving away US$ 100 Twitter advertising vouchers to Hootsuite Pro account holders.

30,000 of them to be exact. Not all Hootsuite Pro accounts are getting vouchers, but the move does give us a bit more understanding of what Twitter is up to now that the company has decided to change some of the user restrictions involved with its API

Twitter Sees Value in the Enterprise

Twitter isn't the only social network that integrates with Hootsuite, but those lucky enough to get the US$ 100 advertising credit can redeem it right when they log in to the popular app. Hootsuite is sending out emails to the selected voucher winners, and a dashboard pop-up will appear to nudge them into redeeming it. 

By changing its API rules, Twitter is trying to make better use of its partner and devloper relationships in order to promote its own platform. One way to monetize Twitter is to charge enterprise companies for access to tweets and things like trending topics through apps like Hootsuite. The API changes are also made to encourage people to build apps in areas like analytics and CRM. 

Hootsuite the Big Winner

Hootsuite integrates with other social networks and apps, but with Twitter taking away some features through its API change. Hootsuite now becomes perhaps the most robust Twitter client. The new ad campaign solidifies the Twitter and Hootsuite relatitionship, and whatever future moves Twitter makes will surely include more of this type of cross promotion.


Twitter looking to small and medium sized businesses with its Hootsuite partnership.

The Hootsuite ad vouchers are only available to U.S. based accounts and then only for those who have never advertised on Twitter before. Additioanlly, the vouchers must be used up by the end of the year.