Twitter has released a redesigned version of Twitter for Business that now offers educational resources to help advertisers and marketers who use the micro-blogging website.

Twitter 101, Marketing and Promotional Tips

While a fair amount of businesses have successfully utilized Twitter as an advertising and digital marketing tool, not all businesses are as lucky. With this in mind, Twitter for Business has launched three resource guides.

  • Twitter 101: Twitter 101 is designed to help users who are new to Twitter better understand the site and what it can do for their company. Information in this section includes a glossary section, how to establish a brand personality, how to measure your brand or company’s impact and how to write good tweets.
  • Marketing with Twitter: While Twitter 101 teaches users how to use the site, the marketing section outlines how effective a Tweet can be in terms of customer engagement, brand reach, ROI and customer conversion. Topics that are addressed in this section include how to understand analytics, how Twitter Ads can improve a brand’s reach and how to target tweets.
  • Ad Tools: With this resource users can choose between Twitter Ads Self-Service for small businesses and a Full-Service option for lager businesses. These tools which include promoted trends and tweets, give users the capability to launch targeted, yet personalized advertising campaigns to reach their intended audience.

"Since Twitter is such a dynamic new platform, marketers have a lot of questions: How do I connect with the right audience? How do I do that real-time marketing thing? How do I make 140 characters sing?,” said Christine Tseng, a marketing representative in a blog post announcing the updated service. “For the answer to these questions and more, we welcome you to visit our redesigned go-to resource for businesses.”

Twitter for Business also includes a section where users can share their success stories.


Improving Business, One Tweet at a Time

This resource section isn't the only Twitter-related news from the last few months. The network, which recently celebrated its 7th birthday has made changes to its Advertising API and updated its mobile service, while HootSuite released a promoted products integration tool.

Twitter’s dedication to helping businesses, especially those who are new the service, navigate and understand the site hasn't gone unnoticed.

Brands that jump on the service and start tweeting may not understand how to use Twitter to begin having conversations or interacting with fans, let alone building a community, “ says Ken Yeung of The Next Web. “Twitter aims to solve all of that by not only giving tutorials, but also examples of those brands that have done it well.”