According to reports, Twitter is in the process of improving its television-social media relationship with the acquisition of Bluefin Labs, a social TV analytics company.

What is Bluefin Labs?

Bluefin Labs was founded in 2008. As a social analytics company, Bluefin provides its clients with solutions that track social commentary relating to televisions shows and commercials, using that data to improve digital marketing and advertising for brands.

Brands, agencies, and TV networks can tap into viewer commentary about shows and commercials to power insights, ad sales, and media buys,” says the company’s official website.

With this in mind, this week they released a report on Sunday’s Superbowl which included social data related to the game and halftime show, the top 10 most social ads, brand lift analysis and the top ads by gender. With this data, which can be tailored to a the specific industry a marketer represents, Bluefin aims to help marketers determine the success and effectiveness of their campaigns during the sports event.

The Bluefin Social TV Analytics platform comes in two versions: The Signals Network edition is for TV networks or operators, while the Signals Brand Edition is or a brand or advertising agency.

What Bluefin can Do for Twitter

While there are still discrepancies in the details surrounding the acquisition, it is expected that Twitter is acquiring the analytics company to tap expand its advertising reach to a market that makes up a lot of their content: television.

According to the study “Tune in with Twitter: driving Discovery and Engagement with TV” which was posted by Business Insider, the relationship between what a person is watching and the micro-blogging website is clearly outlined.

Integration of Twitter into TV content can further stimulate engagement and discovery.” says the report. “In advertising we’re seeing that deeper integration that not only drives discovery and engagement, but also drives increases in brand recall scores and other marketing goals.”

The report adds that in the UK there are 10 million active Twitter users, 60 percent of which use Twitter while watching TV, while 40 percent of the peak Twitter traffic is about something those users saw on television.

As for advertising specifically, it is said that almost every advertisement that is seen on television is part Twitter, whether it’s a lone tweet or a bunch of users engaging in a conversion. This shows that the two mediums are connected as a viewing-conversation tool that marketers and advertisers need to tap into.

Conversations about content and advertising happen in real-time on twitter, scaling reach quickly on Twitter's open platform” says the report.

Therefore, through Twitter's acquisition of BlueFin Labs markers and advertisers will be able to not only manage their social interactions, but use social media to monitor the success of their television campaigns, as well and improve engagement, revenue and ROI.

Other recent acquisitions by Twitter include social news aggregation service Summify and Posterous, a social networking service.