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 Twitter is a lot of things to a lot of people, but for those who follow it to expand their musical scope and social circle, a new mobile app and service should help focus attention for all those into top and new tunes. 


Let Twit Be

The simple act of listening to music has transformed in the last decade, from streaming radio stations, to watching YouTube videos, to themed streams and both per-song and (un)limited download services. With Apple supposed to be putting together an iRadio app to run alongside iTunes, Twitter looks to be getting in on the action with a new app and service.

Launched last night at the Coachella festival it is currently available to high-profile private members from the music and TV industry who will be spreading the word to the rest of us via tweets to build up some hype. Follow @TwitterMusic to find posts from the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Ryan Seacrest among others (both with nearly 10 million followers) doing some free advertising. 

The app itself, launching first on iOS apparently, naturally follows the currently trending artists and music but also can be used to hunt down up-and-coming acts, playing their songs. Without access to it, it is hard to say how it all works, but the technology is based on music search technology Twitter won when it acquired We Are Hunted, and will likely link into other music services to provide the content. 

Looking For The Next Big Thing?

With music a sizeable part of many people's social glue, any app that can bring acts together across a variety of services, some of which you might subscribe to, sounds like a good thing. And, if you follow a lot of acts, then having a dedicated app to keep track of them might be better than wading though a busy tweet stream to find out what they're up to, where they are playing and so on. 


So, keep an eye on TwitterMusic for when the app goes live for everyone. If you're missing out on Coachella, you can keep up with the action live on YouTube with live feeds and repeats.