Enterprise marketing technology provider, Unified, has announced that it has acquired analytics and management solution, PageLever. With this acquisition, Unified has plans to offer a marketing platform for Facebook users complete with social marketing insights, engagement and advertising tools.

Founded in 2011, Unified is a system of advertising services. In addition to Facebook, the platform supports Twitter, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn, as well as apps that assist with, among other things, CRM system connections. As for Pagelever, the company offers a suite of analytics tools, including real-time publishing and reporting tools, such as PageLever Now, which in November was incorporated into its Facebook app. Both companies are Preferred Marketing Developers for Facebook.

The Social Media Marketing Problem

Social media marketing can be a complicated machine. From engagement to analytics, marketing teams can spend more time finding the proper tools that work with their business than actually doing their jobs. In addition to this, a lot of solutions providers tend to concentrate on one aspect of digital marketing, but not the others. For example, a company could specialize in analytics and only offer users a social media monitoring platform, so users who choose this product would have to find another provider who can offer them engagement tools.

The Solution

Regarding their integration, Unified said that marketers not only need a way to improve the way they market on social media sites, but have a more complete marketing platform and an improved ROI solution. By combing their two companies Unified and PageLever hope to achieve this feat and give their clients a "one-stop shop" for all of their digital marketing needs.

As PageLever has grown, we've seen how Facebook content can be amplified with paid social advertising, and Unified is a clear leader in that market," says Jeff Widman and David Turner, co-founders of PageLever. "We're thrilled to join the Unified team and help deliver both companies' shared vision to push social marketing and advertising forward through easy to use, innovative solutions that drive powerful results."

PageLever's employees will now be joining Unified's offices in San Francisco and New York, but Unified assures clients (both its and PageLever's) that services will not be interrupted during this transition. Also, while there haven’t been any official announcements yet, Unified plans to unveil new products for Facebook and other sites in the coming months that will incorporate PageLever technology.