UserVoice Releases Android SDK for Its In-App Customer Service

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Customer service provider UserVoice is out with an Android-targeted Software Development Kit for its in-app software. 

The company said that its in-app customer engagement solution, which UserVoice offers through a single line of code in the app, offers many benefits to developers and publishers. These include a 75 percent drop in “junk” trouble tickets and blank email requests, and a 49 percent reduction in support requests because of the inclusion of a search-as-you-type technology that immediately starts offering answers from the database.

Improving on iOS 

The company, which provides customer feedback, support, knowledge management, satisfaction ratings and online help desk software for websites, mobile Web and mobile apps, said that an Android version has been one of the top requests from their developer customers.

In addition to email, help requests and self-help, UserVoice is also designed to assist developers with managing their app-related data, such as app versions and runtime information, request routing and issue resolution. In-app customer feedback allows users to see others’ feedback in order to provide some context, and allows users to vote on the best ideas offered via feedback.

Richard White, UserVoice’s CEO, told CMSWire that there the Android version of his company’s software contained several improvements over the iOS version. These include new analytics capabilities previously included in the UserVoice’s Web version, and some enhancements of the user experience flow, such as simplifying the sending of support messages.

Learning Opportunities

Free Versus Paid Apps

He also said that, while inbound customer communications (such as email or support requests) are the top priority for app publishers providing customer service, more outgoing service features, such as customer satisfaction surveys or requests for specific feedback, can be important to understand and retain a user base. He addedUserVoice intends to focus more on those functions in future in-app upgrades.

White noted that while mobile apps are often considered leading-edge software, the “toolset on mobile for customer service is about two to three years behind Web apps.” He added that, based on UserVoice’s analysis of the top 1500 Android and 1000 iOS apps, nearly 40 percent of free apps have in-app support, such as email or feedback forms, but only 0.4 percent of paid ads do.

The paid app publishers’ thinking, he said, seems to be that “once you’ve paid for the app, there’s little reason to keep supporting you,” while freemium apps are more subscription-like and therefore more interested in maintaining a customer relationship over time.

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