Commercial holidays like Valentine’s Day can bring out the best and worst in people. Add social media to the mix, and you’ll know who wants to be left alone and who can’t get enough. For brands, it’s important to know which customers to target and which to avoid, as they seek to celebrate or avoid the day. Thanks to social intelligence platforms, identifying curmudgeons, love birds and everyone in between has become easier.

We Heart Social Intelligence

Today, SDL released a fun infographic that illustrates how social data can identify conversations and the people behind those conversations in a data set which can be analyzed further to identify sub-groups.

Not only can aggregating similar types of people makes messaging and communicating more meaningful and engaging, but it can play a role in marketing automation.

While many might agree that social marketing platforms are still pretty new and immature, compared to marketing automation platforms, it will only be a matter of time before they start to come together. By combining social media marketing with marketing automation, brands can begin to take advantage of the intelligence gleaned from online conversations and help deliver appropriate information to targeted audiences more efficiently.

SDL_vday_infographic Final.png

Don't Let Your Love Go Bad

This infographic serves to highlight more than the different customer personas associated with Valentine’s day. It also serves to illustrate the complexities involved in delivering successful customer experiences.

Brands need to think about where customers are on the journey to purchase for the products and services offered during commercial holidays. Missing the mark can be the difference between wooing the one you love or being stood up.