If you're a marketer looking for some fresh perspectives on your field, be it in marketing automation or content marketing, you are in luck this week. Our contributors flooded us with a wealth of material for you to peruse.  

Top Marketing Article 

Douglas Heise (@coremedia_news) takes a look at the past, present and future of marketing automation in his A Holistic Approach to Integrating WEM and Marketing Automation, thinking of a day in the not too far off future when all of the systems that provide touchpoints in a customer's experience can work together as one. Idealistic? Realistic? You be the judge.

But perhaps the biggest limitation of marketing automation is the tendency to treat prospects as a passive audience for a company’s marketing messages rather than being active in a complex, multimodal conversation." 

The Contenders

Life Outside of Marketing

With the release of Office 365 for businesses, the SharePoint 2013 release countdown has begun. Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) gets you ready by taking a look at the five main places where Microsoft's push to the cloud might effect you in How the Cloud is Impacting SharePoint 2013 

When SharePoint was moved under the Office family, it was given the directive to make the user experience more consistent with the rest of the Office family. And they've done a great job at this, dramatically improving SharePoint's usability, improving notifications and integrating with Office apps and Exchange."  

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