Wisemetrics, a Facebook analytics tool, has launched today. With its software, Wisemetrics aims to improve its client's social impact and engagement by giving them a more complete analytics report.

Wisemetrics noticed that while there are a variety of other analytics tools for Facebook, many of them are just reporting tools. With Wisemetrics, information that is gathered for companies isn't just data, but a detailed report that shows community managers why and how these trends are happening.

What Does Wisemetrics Offer?

To ensure that its clients get the most of out of its analytics reports, there are four key tools that Wisemetrics uses in its software. 

  • Page Analytics: Within its interface, Wisemetrics users are given access to a dashboard feature where they are able to not only see reports, but select one or many reports at a time, measures fan engagement improvement over a pre-designated time period and comment on reports.
  • Optimization with Metrics: As was mentioned, Wisemetrics wants to not only gives users statistics, charts and data, but the reason behind this information. With its metrics tool, users will able to see a well-rounded report and improve their social outreach based on this information.
  • Benchmark:  A key to success is business is often knowing your competitor. With Wisemetrics users can see what competitors are doing and compare how successful they are at marketing their products and services.
  • ROI and Value: Wisemetrics provides its clients with key ROI data, so that community managers are able to moderate pages more efficiently by seeing how interactive fans are on a page.


Other features that Wisemetrics offer that other analytics tools, such as Insights, Socialbakers and PageLever don’t, include:

  • Unlikes rates
  • Fans reach rate
  • Full engagement rate
  • Virality rate
  • Powerpoint export feature


Comparing data with a competitors.

The Cost of Wisemetrics

Wisemetrics is available as a 14-day trial, four basic plans and an agency plan. All options receive free updates, user support and automatic backups.

  • 10,000 Fans: At US$ 49 a month, users start with administration page with up to 150,000 fans and five competitors pages with unlimited fans.
  • 300,000 Fans: This option is US$ 99 a month. Users have three administration pages, with up to 350,000 fans and 15 competitors pages with unlimited fans.
  • 500,000 Fans: For US$ 199 a month this option gives users five administration pages with up to 550,000 fans and 25 competitors pages with unlimited fans.
  • Custom: This option doesn't a have a set price, but it's recommend contacting Wisemetrics for further information. In choosing this option, users are given unlimited administration and competitor pages, multi-user accounts, an account manager, API Access and the PowerPoint presentation export feature where they can add a PowerPoint presentation to fan page.

For the Agency option, Wisemetrics asks interested companies to contact them for pricing.

Improving Facebook for Everyone

Over the last month, Facebook and third-party companies have been improving the user experience within the social network.

Mozilla Firefox recently added the Facebook Messenger feature as a Sidebar within their web browser. Facebook itself has been testing a new comment thread structure and added its own analytics tool which helps track how effective FB advertisements are.