ADAM Software has released Teamwork, a new solution for managing cross-media marketing campaigns. Teamwork addresses many of the workflow and tracking weaknesses that customers have long complained about in ADAM’s digital asset management (DAM) platform.

It’s All About Teamwork

Modern marketing efforts now include an increasingly diverse mix of content types from video to audio and images, but many traditional DAM tools really only manage text. This forces organizations to manage other assets offline using a complex mix of difficult to track manual processes. These shortcomings are exactly what ADAM’s Teamwork addresses.

The solution is a direct result of ADAM’s three-month-old partnership with ConceptShare, a collaboration platform provider that has also partnered with other DAM vendors like OpenText. Teamwork integrates with other ADAM products and allows users to review, proof and approve campaign media. The platform includes workflow that enable organizations to orchestrate everything from simple to complex approval cycles with multiple teams, parallel activities and sophisticate rules.


ADAM Teamwork annotations

In addition to workflow, Teamwork provides an audit trail of all annotations and approvals and allows organizations to configure permissions so that users only have access to content they are approved to see. The product also has several other key features:

  • Compare the altered to the unaltered version of a file
  • Current and archived campaign overviews
  • Approver and reviewer management
  • Designed for use by non-technical users

Additional details about Teamwork are available on the ADAM product page.

Getting More Information

Teamwork is available now. ADAM is offering 30-minute webinars to demonstrate the features Teamwork. The webinars are free, but registration is required.