DAM Lowdown: WebDAM's Experience, Tips for Metadata, Are You Paid Enough?

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The DAM week is behind us, and, in recent digital asset management news: tips on asset and metadata management, Celum’s boffo year, a new experience for WebDAM, compare your salary and is your agency worth a DAM?

Five Ways

Take a project-centric approach. Make metadata work by taking the time to manage it. Those are some of the tips in Eric Fulmer’s essay on “Five Ways to Better Manage Digital Assets,” now at EContent.

Have You Ever Metadata?

Speaking of metadata: well-managed metadata can determine how useful your digital assets actually are. With that in mind, DAM vendor Widen offers Ann Childs' white paper, “Notes from the field: a successful metadata schema for your DAM.”

widen white paper.png

From the white paper, "Notes from the Field"

It Was the Best of Times

Some years are better than others. For DAM vendor Celum, 2012 was synonymous with “boffo.” The Linz, Austria-based company points to 50 new client projects last year, as well as a 30 percent increase in revenues, with half coming from cloud-based, recurring and rental software revenue.

Learning Opportunities

“Celum,” said Founder and CEO Michael J. Kraeftner in a statement, “is now the only pure play Enterprise DAM vendor being able to deliver the kind of performance and enterprise capabilities” that are included in its flagship product, Synergy.

WebDAM’s New Experience

WebDAM Solutions is offering a new DAM experience. In fact, it’s called the New WebDAM Experience, and the subscription-based platform updates overall user experience, collaboration, search and discovery, and brand management workflow.

Compare Me

If you can’t wait to compare how much you make with other DAM professionals elsewhere in the world, the Dam Foundation is previewing part of its year-long Salary Survey. The subtitle summarizes the survey’s range: “Who we are, where we work, what we do, and how we are paid.”

Agency or Not?

DAM systems are often used for marketing, so should you work with your digital marketing agency to purchase, customize or manage your DAM software? Naresh Sarwan explores the pros and cons over at DAM News.