From the Razuna Web site

Slightly more than a year ago, digital asset management (DAM) vendor Razuna released version 1.5 of its flagship open source software. In April, it issued a beta of 1.6, and now the Denmark-based company is releasing 1.6 with more than 400 improvements that emphasize enterprise-targeted features. 

Founder and CTO Nitai Aventaggiato said in a statement that Razuna’s calling card is its “simplicity and intuitive user interface” and that a key challenge was implementing all of the new features without complicating usability. Razuna, which can be used as a hosted service, run on a dedicated cloud server or downloaded as a free self-hosted version, has touted its claim that its system can be used by an “average user without training.”

Smart Folders, Plug-in Architecture

Version 1.6 of the open-source software offers improved upload times and performance, a rewritten indexing for searches and full support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) authentication. New “smart folders” allow searches to be saved and shared and connect Razuna users to either a Dropbox account or to Amazon S3 buckets.

A potentially major new addition is the introduction of Razuna Plug-in Architecture, allowing third-party developers to create their own extensions to the software. The company gives the example of a new workflow plugin, which allows a user to set up an event-driven workflow.

New APIs

New APIs have also been added to support the growing original equipment manufacturer partner network, which was established last fall. Partners can resell and rebrand Razuna, either as a standalone product or integrated with other software, such as marketing management platforms, content management systems or Product Information Management systems. DAM systems  often emphasize their integration with other systems, since managing digital assets has little value unless it is used within some campaign, product or distribution.

On the distribution front, there’s now also integration with content delivery network Akamai. First offered a year ago as a plug-in for the Enterprise Edition, the integration could prove important because DAM systems increasingly are serving as distribution managers for assets such as video. Additionally, version 1.6 allows images to be watermarked, there’s a platform for customizing each host used for white-labelling Razuna and a new crowd-sourced language system is being offered.