Southpaw Tech Updates Tactic for Faster Digital Asset Workflows

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Southpaw Technology, a commercial, open-source software company, is out with a major upgrade to Tactic, its digital asset workflow platform. The enhancements include a drag-and-drop widget for ingestion, a new internal messaging tool and integration with MongoDB databases and version management software Perforce.

Since the company released Tactic as open source in 2012, there have been “thousands of downloads across a number of vertical markets,” CEO Gary Mundell said in a statement.  The upgrade is part of a larger initiative to ensure the software “can be implemented more easily across very different data and file system environments” with tools that help to “speed digital workflows for all work environments,” he explained.

Faster Workflow

Several of the enhancements are intended to make workflows faster or easier. The new widget allows users to drag and drop files into Tactic from Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder to speed getting large numbers of files into the system. The messaging tool can be set to send notices based on events such as a file check-in.

If programmers want to use Tactic in conjunction with Perforce, they can check in files directly from Tactic.  Naming conventions are consistent in both systems.

In May, Southpaw released version 4.0 of Tactic, which included customization options, a new plug-in architecture and configurable HTML5 themes. In August, Tactic became available as a cloud-based option through Amazon Web Services.

Learning Opportunities

From Proprietary

Tactic, originally developed as a proprietary system, went open source in 2012, with Southpaw continuing and expanding its support packages and professional services, as well as offering commercial licenses to any organizations that wanted them.

Southpaw Co-Founder and CTO Remko Noteboom told CMSWire.com at the time that the open source move was intended to help its expansion beyond its origins in the computer graphics and visual effects world. The hope was that departments could begin using the software to develop their own internal workflow solutions without upfront licensing.

Tactic is also available on GitHub for programmers who want to collaborate on its open source code base.