Can Tracx Help You Manage Your Social Media

We reported last month that social media tools aren't cutting it for marketers. Officials at Tracx think differently.

The New York City-based provider today released updated tools for its social media management platform. It provides for marketers a "new intelligence and context-driven publishing and engagement experience," according to officials. It includes, they said, real time content creation, cross-channel management, proactive content marketing and predictive insights.

They call it Smart Recommendations, which uses systemwide insights to predictively identify the best times of day to engage audiences via owned and earned media. 

"Marketers don’t have to go it alone or blind," Eric Berkowitz, vice president of solutions engineering at Tracx, told CMSWire. He said the company's new dashboard gives marketers access to real time predictive data -- whether they are analyzing share-of-voice or conducting an outreach program.

Tools that Cut it?

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Forrester Research analysts reported last month in their social relationship platform Wave that social media marketing tools lack the ability to tell marketers what to post and when. And, there is a shortage of those that measure performance.

Tracx officials promise their social analytics delivers "actionable insights" that guides users to "not only to smarter publishing decisions, but smarter digital engagements as a whole."

"With Tracx," Berkowicz said, "brands and enterprises can easily score leads and optimize type and time-of-day content marketing and publishing to engage qualified audiences."

He also noted a patent-pending ID unification algorithm automatically stitches together multiple networks being operated by one author. Users of tech can gain insight why an influencer receives scores based reach, impact, quality and volume.

Sentiment Scoring

Berkowicz lauded his team's sentiment analysis capabilities (called Sentity). The tech defines specific keywords and phrases called "entities," and tags these for sentiment each time they appear across the social media channel.

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The result is content scored as positive, negative or neutral. Posts can now be identified as representing mixed sentiment.

"Sentity greatly improves sentiment classification accuracy, and delivers benefits to all levels of the enterprise, from call centers and community managers, to product management, sales, HR, the C-Suite all the way up to CEOs," he said.

Tracx was founded in 2009. 

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