Demandbase Invests in B2B Marketers with Cloud Release


The difference between B2B and B2C marketing is simple: all web traffic amounts to potential customers in B2C, and B2B relies on targeted audiences even down to a particular department within a company.

That’s how B2B digital marketing provider Demandbase sees it. Today, it releases its B2B Marketing Cloud, which it calls the first subscription-based marketing platform that helps marketers target accounts, plan ad spending and tie acquisition costs for target accounts to revenue.

In the new offering, Demandbase pulled together several solutions and introduced Performance Manager, a dashboard that brings ad impressions, website activity and CRM data into one unified view. 

“We plug into CRM marketing solutions you already have in place to make them more B2B enabled,” Chris Golec, CEO of San Francisco-based Demandbase, told CMSWire.

CMO Dashboard View

Golec referred to Performance Manager as the “CMO Dashboard,” which he said generates awareness of website activity and reveals how well marketers are doing with the business audience.

In B2B, you have sales teams and salespeople, and they sell to companies,” Golec said. “In B2C, they sell to consumers and all web traffic is a potential customer. B2B requires a much more finite crowd. You’re selling to multiple people within a company. You’re trying to build influence across a company. The sales cycle is longer and the dollar value of transactions is much higher. And your website is a core part of your selling tool.”

CMOs through the new dashboard can view campaign performance for each account across the entire marketing funnel and tie those campaigns to revenue.

The dashboard includes: 

  • Illustration at specific levels of awareness, engagement and conversion for each targeted audience and executed campaign
  • Connection of data from customers’ existing marketing technologies, including marketing automation, CRM, analytics, chat and CMS programs
  • Targeting of accounts, planning of marketing and ad spending, visualization performance

customer experience, Demandbase Invests in B2B Marketers With Cloud Release

Demandbase’s B2B Marketing Cloud plugs in to existing marketing technologies and platforms to provide unified view of all activities, performance and revenue drivers in real time, Golec said. 

Engagement, Sales Connection

Ultimately, the new platform by Demandbase enables marketers to bring the right companies to their websites with better engagement and connection to sales activities, Golec told CMSWire.

Demandase is offering a free trial. Pricing is scaled based on volume of web traffic and number of companies targeted.

“We can show you how we’ll you’re doing with the Fortune 1000, how well you’re doing engaging them and selling to them,” Golec said. “We can see what’s wrong and help you fix it and improve and transform your B2B marketing.”

Most B2B companies do not realize, Golec said, that only 10 to 12 percent of their website’s traffic actually have a legitimate chance to buy.

"We need to optimize that site for those 10 to 12 percent,” Golec said.

Demandbase just more than a year ago secured $15 million in funding. It grew 100 percent in revenue year over year and now has 100 employees, a personnel growth rate of about 30 to 40 percent year over year.