Digital marketers love talking about social media. Executives love return on investment (ROI).

Can you truly show ROI on social media programs?

GinzaMetrics is the latest company to offer a solution officials said does this for marketers. Its new platform addition gives marketers insights on how social channels contribute to corporate goals and revenue. It also gives marketers data to better target campaigns for the right audiences.

GinzaMetrics, based in San Francisco, is not the first to do this. So why them?

"The offering is unique because it comes from a data platform that has a backbone of search and organic data that provides deeper content information, at the individual page and keyword/topic level," said Erin Robbins O’Brien, COO at GinzaMetrics.

The company today released a Social Intelligence Suite addition to its platform. This enables marketers to tie specific content, keywords and social channels to revenue and conversions for their brand, she said.

'Better Picture'

Marketers in this GinzaMetrics platform can see a variety of social data alongside their content marketing efforts. This reportedly helps them get a better picture of how social efforts contribute to traffic, conversions and revenue.


"They can also make connections between topics/keywords, content and campaigns across social channels," she added.

Specifically, the suite includes:

  • Marketing Channel Performance
  • Competitor Social Landscape
  • Content Insights
  • Social Engagement Analytics

The four components track social engagements by channel and compare social media performance to other marketing channels. They also track the percentage of traffic from social channels.

In addition, they track how social media content changes by device and provide audience engagement information across social channels compared competitors.

No Integration Issues?

Plans for the GinzaMetrics platform start at $1,000 per month which gives users access to all areas of the tool including search, competitor insights and the new social intelligence offering.

2015-19-March-Erin Robbins O'Brien.jpg

"As it is a part of an existing stable platform we don't anticipate any challenges with integration," Robbins O'Brien said. "We work with all analytics providers, Google Webmaster Tools and other data providers already so there should not be any issues."

GinzaMetrics launched Competitor Intelligence a few weeks ago. That tackles the issue of discovering brands and competitors creating content in a customer's own space, as well as keywords and topics customers should be paying attention to, Robbins O'Brien told CMSWire.

The team plans to roll out feature updates as feedback comes in over the coming months, with another larger release likely toward the end of the second quarter.

Robbins O'Brien said the platform is not a "social distribution tool -- we don't allow you to post from GinzaMetrics to social channels. So it is not in competition with tools like Buffer, Sprout, etc."

"We do, however, deliver deeper analytics and insights that include data from throughout the entire marketing ecosystem in a way that is starting to unite various departments achievements," she said.

Ray Grieselhuber founded the company in 2010 while working in Tokyo. He said he recognized the need for a search platform that conducts daily crawls of data at a price more companies could access, Robbins O'Brien said.