Oracle takes its turn on the marketing cloud technology stage today by announcing enhancements to its marketing cloud suite.

The news comes during its Modern Marketing Experience conference at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Redwood City, Calif.-based tech giant announces integrations that marry its marketing technology acquisitions with its e-commerce and web content management systems.

"We have comprehensive solutions for any type of industry," John Stetic, vice president of products at Oracle Marketing Cloud, told CMSWire in an interview before the conference. "And the scale at which we can operate really does differentiate ourselves. We're Oracle from an enterprise scale point of view. We can orchestrate great experiences and unify data at an enterprise scale across all different types of industries. No one else can do that to the extent we do."

Web CMS, E-Commerce Integrations

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Stetic cited integrations at work between its multi-billion-dollar investments: BlueKai data management platformResponsys cross-channel marketing and Eloqua marketing automation.

Further, Oracle e-commerce meets Oracle Marketing Cloud to allow marketers to integrate e-commerce data into marketing campaigns (shopping cart messages, etc.).

Also, an integration between the marketing cloud and Oracle's web content management system (Oracle WebCenter Content) will allow marketers to "leverage more information about what customers are doing on their websites," Stetic said, "and integrate that data into the marketing cloud and share assets between Web CMS and marketing automation systems."

These e-commerce and Web CMS integrations expand what Oracle officials call "one of the industry’s most comprehensive marketing technology ecosystems." 

The Oracle marketing ecosystem includes 235 apps for marketers through the Oracle Marketing AppCloud and more than 300 direct data integrations through the Oracle Data Management Platform Partner Program.

Hey, He Looks Like Me

Oracle also debuts today in its Oracle Marketing Cloud Data Management Platform a feature called "Lookalike Modeling."

Essentially, it works this way: you've got customers you want to target with marketing messages. You want more customers like them. Oracle tech finds them for you.

Learning Opportunities

Oracle explains it this way:

"Marketers can then take advantage of Oracle Data Management Platform’s self-learning algorithm and automated workflow to identify an audience that looks just like their ideal customers, pulling from an audience pool of nearly one billion profiles."

"We're looking at 40,000 characteristics of someone's online profile and matching that across 700 million profiles in the data management platform," Stetic told CMSWire. "It's very rich data to do matching on. We're not just matching on basic demographic data."

'Seamless Data Sharing'

Also included in Oracle's marketing cloud announcements:

  • Rapid Retargeter, where marketers can adapt to customer engagement according to real-time customer interactions and then deliver content
  • AppCloud Connect, an integration framework and set of APIs that enable organizations and marketing technology vendors to leverage apps and media within the context of Oracle Marketing Cloud. The new feature integrates Eloqua, Responsys and BlueKai.

2015-1-April-Oracle Marketing Cloud.jpg

"We're making heavy investments to make more seamless data sharing between all of our products to make sure we have a comprehensive portfolio of products," Stetic said.

Responsys caters to a high-end B2C crowd. But Eloqua has traditionally provided campaigns for B2B marketers.

"They can still produce on their own," Stetic said, "but at the same time we're bringing more integrations to bring a more comprehensive solution to the market."

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