Adobe showed off its marketing cloud in March. Microsoft made some headlines after. Oracle took the stage last week.

Salesforce takes its turn today.

Combing its $3.4 billion worth of acquisitions from the last few years -- ExactTarget, Radian6 and Buddy Media -- Salesforce launches the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio, a single platform for social content marketing, engagement, publishing and analytics.

"This is our most exciting release I can remember in a while in terms of Radian6 and Buddy Media," said Marcel LeBrun, senior vice president of social products for the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud. "This is not an integration of two things cobbled together. It's a brand new product. We wanted to build something beautiful from a user experience."

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce officials used words like "game changer" and reinvention when discussing their product release with CMSWire this week.

So why this one, when so many vendors include social marketing capabilities in their marketing suites?

The single platform idea is one reason Salesforce is confident.

"Everyone else is stitching things together with point solutions," Michael Lazerow, chief marketing officer of the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, told CMSWire.

CMSWire learned in a demo this week that users of the software can collaborate inside the suite fairly easily. Managers can assign social marketing tasks, and users can view a calender of planned tweets and Facebook posts. The calendar provides a complete view of an organization's social marketing game plan.

It's all part of the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, a byproduct of Salesforce's $2.5 billion acquisition last year of the marketing automation provider.

customer experience, Salesforce Unveils Social Studio in ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Learning Opportunities

Product Breakdown

Specifically, the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio allows users to take advantage of: 

  • Workspaces: Set-up and configure workspaces to organize teams by region, brand, or business function for campaign collaboration, content creation and publishing
  • Collaborative calendars: Manage content with planning and scheduling tools designed for teams in views filtered by label, author, status and social account
  • Publishing: Create and schedule content for global networks including Facebook and Twitter
  • Integrated engagement: Monitor and respond directly across global social networks and provide active engagement pre, during and post campaign -- and align engagement objectives, teams and permissions with other content goals. Use macros -- automation for classifying, reporting and routing content -- and workflow to scale engagement.
  • Enhanced analytics: Monitor how content is performing, what is performing best, and view the analytics of a particular post or a subgroup of posts by label, campaigns or any particular target

Game On

So the product updates from major players continue in marketing. Salesforce today. Who's next? We know Adobe is making some announcements soon. And don't forget that Microsoft is entering the field of play sometime this quarter.

customer experience, Salesforce Unveils Social Studio in ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Everybody's talking about the "all in one" capabilities, how marketers from one single view can get their campaigns done, reviewed and tweaked all while collaborating with colleagues and customers.

Salesforce today touts its social product's combination of sophistication and simplicity. It's got the content marketing, social marketing and publishing capabilities of Buddy Media and Radian6's listening capabilities that provides a platform for the "voice of the customer," Salesforce told us.

"Social has moved from specialized teams," said Lazerow. "It's now woven though the fabric of an organization. They all need to understand what's happening and when."

Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio is generally available today for customers, starting at $1,500 per month.