OK, we were a little off. When IBM and Twitter partnered last month in what they called a landmark connection for enterprise data analysis, we figured more would come.

"What's next?" we asked. "Oracle and Facebook? SAP and LinkedIn? Microsoft and Pinterest?"

So maybe we had the companies mixed up. But we knew something was coming. And it's SAP and Facebook.

The enterprise software giant connected with the social media king today in a partnership that allows SAP to combine insight with customer engagement by using Facebook’s scalable Custom Audiences targeting capability. This enables marketers, officials at the companies claim, to use SAP solutions to reach customers on Facebook.

Standard Deal Now?

Now, naturally, we trust SAP and Facebook executives were meeting a bit before IBM and Twitter made their news late last month. We don't see this as a knee-jerk deal where SAP steals thunder from IBM and Facebook continues to crush Twitter with another salvo.

But nonetheless, it's another partnership where the enterprise forms a tighter connection with social media — the kind of deal that some have told us will be the norm going forward.

The partnership was officially announced today at the SAP TechEd && d-code in Berlin, Germany, about 400 miles north of SAP's headquarters in Walldorf.

Reached by CMSWire, a Facebook media relations representative told us that the deal will enable SAP customers "to achieve personalized marketing at scale by creating and reaching audiences on Facebook from data they already have about their customers."

Asked if other companies outside of SAP partnered with Facebook like this before, the Facebook official said the SAP partnership "is unique because they are using their own Customer Intelligence and Engagement suite of applications to build custom audiences on Facebook."

This solution for customer engagement runs on the SAP HANA platform. Officials claim the solution will combine SAP customers' data with buying behaviors to target advertising to the "right individual at the right moment."

What the Tech Brings 

Marketers will be able to create categories from enterprise data to reach subsets of customers using Facebook advertising. Marketers can map an audience profile a marketer creates by using predictive buying propensity models within SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence to Facebook.

“It is clear that SAP wants to help marketers improve the accuracy of their campaigns and provide the granular, closed-loop ROI analysis that is often challenging in digital campaigns,” Blake Chandlee, vice president of partnerships at Facebook, said in a statement. “We have a common goal of helping marketers reach the right audiences at the right time.”