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TechValidate believes it has a solution that integrates seamlessly with one of the industry's big players in the marketing software cloud space.

The Emeryville, Calif., provider, led by CEO Brad O'Neill (pictured left), announced this week its integration with Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud.

It will help B2B marketers automate, they say, the process of creating marketing content with a drag-and-drop from their TechValidate library directly into Eloqua campaigns.

"For the first time ever, there will be a totally seamless way for B2B marketers to find highly-targeted customer evidence and get it in the hands of segmented customers and prospects," TechValidate claimed in their product pitch to CMSWire.

Automated 'Customer Evidence'

Now, of course, this "automated content" doesn't seem like an industry first, based on the deep sea of marketing software news we've covered

However, TechValidate's O'Neill told us in an interview that his organization has the "first software of its kind to offer automated content marketing."

customer experience, TechValidate Integrates into Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud

"The alternative," he said, "is traditional manual customer referencing."

TechValidate, O'Neill explained, helps marketing organizations unlock customer information and generate customer evidence automatically "without the effort or expense that traditional customer reference activities require."

Learning Opportunities

The "traditional" activities he referenced include individually interviewing customers, manually creating case studies, etc.

What is "customer evidence"?

"As we see it, customer evidence refers to marketing content like testimonials, case studies, white papers, and more that shows proof of customer success with concrete data," O'Neill told CMSWire. "For most companies, customer evidence collateral tends to be the most powerful and effective form of marketing collateral for sales teams and marketing organizations because it tells prospective customers that a given solution will work for them, too." 

How Does It Work?

In a video demo, it's clear marketers can easily drag and drop TechValidate-generated content pretty easily into their Eloqua marketing campaigns and landing pages.

The TechValidate Connector for Eloqua syncs TechValidate content with any Eloqua 10 environment for a drag-and-drop experience. Customers can choose to sync only campaign-specific assets or their entire TechValidate content library for access to hundreds or thousands of verified customer proof points organized by industry, company size, title/role and more.

The TechValidate Connector for Eloqua is available beginning today at no cost. 

The announcement comes after Oracle's push to promote its marketing cloud through its Eloqua acquisition.