Sitecore took a large minority investment into a Danish social media marketing platform two years ago.

It still likes it.

The San Francisco-based customer experience and digital marketing provider announced today it has acquired a majority stake in Komfo, the Danish social media marketing and community engagement application provider. Sitecore's investment, officials say, will extend Komfo's presence in global markets and forms the basis of Sitecore's social media product roadmap through a product called Sitecore Social Powered by KomfoTM.

Beyond One Capability

Mark Floisand, Sitecore vice president of product marketing, called the offering a "significant extension of Sitecore's current social media capabilities."

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"As a complete social relationship platform, it is a new offering," he added. "Komfo is Danish company that has established themselves as a leader in the social media management space in the Nordics. With this launch, Sitecore is introducing Sitecore Social Powered by Komfo to the US market."

The move for Sitecore comes about nine months after its acquisition of e-commerce vendor The deal helped Sitecore integrate an e-commerce engine with its customer experience platform. 

Today's news helps Sitecore beef up its digital marketing offering with a social media management tool that goes beyond a focus of only listening or publishing, Floisand said.

The new platform, Floisand told CMSWire, "enables enterprises to listen, create, distribute, engage and measure social media impact in a single platform at scale. Sitecore Social represents an entire suite of tools that was developed and designed to work seamlessly together. The result is a connected social experience that drives efficiency and improves the effectiveness of social media initiatives."

Inside Product

According to Sitecore officials, their social media marketing capabilities combined with Komfo features:

  • Clear content engagement metrics
  • Effective ad management capabilities
  • A clean and elegant interface
  • Built-in analytics
  • Content development and distribution scheduling
  • Future integrated capabilities include social listening, sentiment analysis and native advertising

Base pricing starts at $2,000 a month and goes to $8,000 a month based on number of users and data (mentions, dashboards, ad spend). Sitecore is providing a free tool for marketers to get a sense of the impact on their content. It is available today.  

Learning Opportunities

True ROI from Social Media?

Tools can be helpful, but actually producing ROI from social media marketing campaigns is always the bottom-line question. Can it be done?

"The first step to ROI is measuring direct impact," Floisand said. "This is a key component of our platform that will allow a marketer to understand immediately how engaged their audience is by measuring reach of specific content and engagement of each individual. The platform then provides the ability to create and schedule content for distribution across a variety of social platforms." 

Marketers will be able to understand what content and what channel customers and prospects are interacting with through the platform. This, Floisand said, "will help marketers shape their strategy and focus on the assets that have the highest level of engagement. Sitecore Social Powered by Komfo also provides a set of dashboards and metrics so marketers can continue to refine and report on their successes."

A lot of conversations happen in social media that marketers may not be aware of, Floisand added, and, as a result, marketers don't capitalize on them.

"We are providing a set of integrated tools to help them own the conversation and improve ROI for the enterprise," he said.

Industry Recognition

Sitecore was cited by Gartner as a leader in web content management along with SDL and Adobe last year. 

Forrester agreed by placing Adobe, Sitecore and SDL in its Wave for Web Content Management for Digital Customer Experience. 

Gartner also noted Sitecore as a “visionary” in its campaign management Magic Quadrant. Sitecore continues to shift its focus, Gartner said, from traditional web content management to digital marketing for marketing organizations.