ElcomCMS 7.5 Brings a New Social Layer & Email Campaign
Australian web content management provider, Elcom, has released the latest version of ElcomCMS (formerly CommunityManager.NET). We gave you a sneak peek at what was coming back in August, but now it's finally here. Let's check it out.

There are actually quite a number of new features and enhancements in ElcomCMS 7.5 including new social profiles, email campaign integration and YouTube integration. There are also some nice things for the developers. Anthony Milner, Elcom's Product Director told us that they want to "make developers love us" and be "simple for end-users".

As one of the many web content management systems built on the .NET stack, Elcom's 14 year Microsoft Gold Partner status may play a hand in how popular this platform is.

Getting Social in a Web CMS

Elcom already had some of the social essentials such as blogs, wikis and forums, now they add profiles. The new social profiles in ElcomCMS 7.5 are reminiscent of Facebook:


ElcomCMS 7.5 - Social Features

As you can see, Elcom's My Social Page includes all the necessary components: a news stream for status updates, commenting and otherwise sharing information. You can also invite friends and see who is sharing their information with you.

This is just the start of what will be in the social profile. Milner indicated that Elcom is committed to adding a layer of social to the Web CMS that will also include the ability to drop apps on your profile and more.

Adding YouTube to the Content Repository

A lot of companies have a YouTube channel. But in many cases, it's not searchable across your site if you simply add the embed links to your web pages. Elcom has built in some nice integration with YouTube that enables you to index your YouTube video content in the ElcomCMS repository. By syndicating this content you can expose your video library to search, taxonomy and metadata management without actually having to store the content directly in ElcomCMS.


ElcomCMS YouTube Integration

Within the ElcomCMS you can set YouTube parameters for display such as the player to use and the dimensions of the video.

The framework that has been built to support this YouTube integration can work with other third party content providers, extending your CMS repository to include information from a number of different sources. This capability is extremely important as organizations can have a number of different information sources to support/extend the information they manage internally.

Email Campaign Integration

The other major piece of new functionality in ElcomCMS 7.5 is the integration of email campaign provider, Campaign Monitor. Now, you have the option of using the built-in email campaign features of Elcom or using an integrated third party provider. Options are nice to have.


ElcomCMS - Campaign Monitor Integration

Additional ElcomCMS Enhancements

So, along with all the nice new features outlined above, there are still more enhancements for both developers and editor/authors, including:

  • Front-End Editing: It's now easier to add new articles or pages to a website from the front-end, including a new interface that enables you to add the basic information you need for the page/article, including a predefined template with the click of a button. This goes hand in hand with existing capabilities that allow authors to create content in MS Word and publish it directly into the Elcom CMS.
  • Nested Master Pages: You can now nest your Master Pages so you can customize different pages/sections of your site without having to re-code each page separately.

From CommunityManager.NET to ElcomCMS

As you have seen, Elcom has rebranded CommunityManager.NET to ElcomCMS. It's a good move, as the term community manager can be misleading. There is a big difference between software that supports communities (social software) and web content management. Yes, many web content management systems include these community, or social elements, but there is still a difference, and at this point, Elcom has a solid Web CMS with some core social capabilities.

The news of ElcomCMS 7.5 officially drops tomorrow, but we've offered you an advanced look at what you will get. Happy Tuesday!