Marketers trying to deliver more personalized digital experiences to their customers might be interested in Hippo’s latest announcement -- the release of Hippo CMS 10.

With this release, Hippo executives say they’ve moved out of the category of foundation technology focused on productivity, to a solution designed to drive ROI based on content performance.

“As it is today, WCM is a foundation technology,” said Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer, CMO and co-founder of Hippo. “It has always been about providing a toolset to deliver content in a personalized way to all of these different channels.”

With Hippo 10, he added, marketers now become accountable for what they do with content management and how it drives the bottom line.

Understanding the Anonymous User

According to Brenninkmeijer, most content engagement happens with anonymous users, so it’s critical to understand their habits in order to get them to convert. This is exactly what Hippo 10 was created to do, he added.

Taking cues from the growing marketing automation industry, Brenninkmeijer said they created a solution that incorporates goals and feedback mechanisms to help marketers develop more effective content strategies. 

“We built a system to make sure you know that content is performing,” he said. “You can attach goals to content, and state which content is used by which persona. By doing experiments, the algorithm provides a feedback loop with insights to help improve your content marketing strategy.”


Visitor Performance, Not Page Performance

Rather than focusing on traditional web analytics and studying individual content pieces, Arjé Cahn, CTO and co-founder for Hippo, said the new solution allows marketers to look for patterns between visitors and demographics.

“We store metadata of the content that people consume into their profiles to get an idea of what individual visitors are interested in,” he said. “We then do metrics and analytics on top of that data to see if there are trends.”

Learning Opportunities

He added that marketers can now focus on their customers and how to convert them, rather than just on the content.

“You’re not looking at how pages are performing,” said Cahn. “Now you can see how visitors are performing, and how content is working for them.” 

Based on these trends, he continued, marketers can create new personas, and show them more relevant content.

Further, with “content experiments” built into the platform for testing, Cahn said it’s easy for marketers to create content experiences to see which content is working for which audience, and then feed the results back into conversion metrics.

Brenninkmeijer brought the conversation back full circle.

“We want users to reach higher editorial effectiveness. With Hippo 10 they can identify content gaps, which content they need to remove, can understand visitors better, and ultimately increase ROI.”