Webtrends Now Measures Facebook Analytics
Ever wonder what your Facebook campaigns are doing for you? Well, today Webtrends (news, site) attempts to answer that question with their new Facebook measurement capabilities. 

Facebook Analytics

Using Webtrends Analytics 9, the company’s new measurement capabilities allow marketers a peek into Facebook measurement right alongside other digital marketing investments such as websites, blogs and mobile apps.

Webtrends can now show you how your promotional efforts are doing (think tabs, apps, and share features). Consider these scenarios:

  • Twitter activity driving to Facebook Fan pages
  • Facebook Fan page activity overlaid with corporate blog posts
  • Conversion performance if they happen in Facebook
  • Custom applications, Facebook page tabs, and Facebook ad click performance

And here's a visual for good measure (ha): 

Webtrends Facebook tabs and applications reports

"We believe Facebook is one of the key social channels for Brands to invest in and these capabilities will help them validate those investments,” said Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, Webtrends’ vice president of Marketing.

An Answer to a Need

We don’t need to tell you how popular Facebook is becoming. With 400 million users and second-most-popular-site-ever status, it’s no wonder marketers are hurriedly investing in advertisements, Facebook pages, and custom applications.

“The ability to have concrete measurement on investments within Facebook and compare them apples to apples with other digital channels is critical to marketers,” continued Kaykas-Wolff. “Our comprehensive approach to measuring Facebook, beyond just applications, allows marketers to understand the broader picture of how their Facebook investment is performing.”

This new social media marketing analytics functionality is a nice addition to the Webtrends fam, which recently saw the addition of some advanced targeting and mobile analytics.  

Interested? Register for the demo here.