Adobe Flavors Online Marketing Suite with Social Media Features
 This week, Adobe (news, site) announced the addition of some interesting social media features to their Online Marketing Suite. Among them: advanced bid strategies for Facebook ads, and image ad support for the Google Content Network. 

Oh Yeah, Omniture

Remember when Adobe acquired Omniture? Probably. In fact, it wouldn't be that out of line to assume that some people are still reeling from the US$ 1.8 billion dollar deal. Since the acquisition, there's been relatively little talk about social media marketing -- a seemingly natural outcome -- but this week it looks like we're finally getting our fill. 

À la Facebook

As advertising becomes more relevant on Facebook, it's increasingly important to strike when the iron is hot. With Adobe's suite, customers can now target high-performing segments on Facebook and automatically optimize their Facebook ad campaigns based on any success metric-- like cost per click or cost per thousand impressions. 

À la Google

Customers should now also find it fairly simple to create Google Image ads through Adobe SearchCenter +. The management, import and storage of frequently used images makes the delivery of ads less time consuming. 

Plus a Dash of Mobile Optimization

Further, Adobe is tapping into the mobile craze by offering real-time personalization of content for native Blackberry and Android mobile apps. This means that developers and marketers can modify the content delivery and user experience on these devices in real-time, directly from the Test&Target online interface. 

“The suite, now bolstered by the resources available through Adobe, continues to resonate with existing and new customers," said Josh James, senior vice president and general manager, Omniture Business Unit, Adobe Systems Incorporated. "It is becoming the exception for online marketers to utilize Omniture technology for just online analytics. Our customers are becoming increasingly sophisticated marketers and many of them are adopting multiple solutions within the Online Marketing Suite that help them unlock the power of their data to drive conversion and optimize ad spend.”

The update comes with reporting and dashboard enhancements as well. Check all the new stuff out here