When we think of communication, the following line is still true: Begin with the audience in mind.

And with social media, we can do this better than ever.

Get to Know Your Audience

Nowadays, we’re not left to generalizations about our audience. We no longer contain them in a 10-year age range, an economic class, a hobby specification.

Today, it's easier than ever to know your customer by name, by profession, their favorite Instagram filter, the celebrity they idolize, the number of times they check their news feed, their email address, the apps that interest them — all of it.

They are all within reach of social media. They choose to share their life with us. All this information is ours for the taking, and we better act accordingly.

'Personalize Everything'

The world is a noisy place. People do not have enough time to tune in to things that aren’t relevant to them. As a study by Microsoft notes, we all have an attention shorter than a goldfish!

What happens with the little attention span we have? We friend who we know, we follow who we want, we read what we like, we look for what we need. We all are looking to enhance our lives with content that is hyper-personalized.

This is why if you want to talk to customers, make sure to talk to them at a personal level. Personalize everything.

Learning Opportunities

In the social media space, personalization is the best way to market. Customers share their data willingly to you. Therefore, make the most out of it by tailoring your message to your customer’s wants.

Your Audience Wants Connection

Personalization works for everyone. With personalization, information has a hyper-targeted focus. So it is safe to say that personal and business relationships are likewise focused.

Social media demands personalization. Being the odd one out in a stream of personal narratives will not do you good. People get hooked on social media because of the need for connection. So connect at a human level and reap human rewards. Start human conversations.

Want to “begin with the audience in mind”? Continuously talk with people. With feeds refreshed every 5 seconds, the best way to stay relevant is through content that speaks at a personal level, conversation that makes your front line audience share your story with co-workers, neighbors, and friends.

Want to create social media that cuts through the noise? Personalization is the way to go. 

Title image "PB010697" (CC BY 2.0) by Nico Paix

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