ConsenSys, which specializes in blockchain technology, and conversational artificial intelligence provider LivePerson have teamed up to create a decentralized customer care platform called VillageDAO. The platform is designed to enable Web3 brands to leverage self-service resolution among its communities. It's about combining customer care infrastructure with community incentives, according to Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson.

"We see Web3 brands wanting to be able to provide (customer) care in a more decentralized and community-driven way than Web1 and Web2 brands have done," LoCascio told CMSWire. "We see this offering as further strengthening our innovation ... . Web3 is all about individuals helping each other, and we’re excited about the possibilities VillageDAO can open up for brands to empower their most highly engaged community members to give back and be rewarded."

Web3 Brands Lack Customer Service Infrastructure

Even while many Web3 organizations are seeing expansion, they do not have the customer care infrastructure necessary to provide exceptional experiences to their user base, LoCascio contends.

Through the use of VillageDAO, these companies can provide the members of their communities the ability to help one another and then be paid for their efforts. Those who are responsible for customer success, sales or marketing may employ VillageDAO to increase customer care in a community-driven setting. 

Brands and individual community experts can register interest on the VillageDAO website. Once approved, brands can announce their new care platform to their communities, allowing individuals to apply for expert status on the VillageDAO platform, according to LoCascio.

Brands can either verify every new expert for their community or ask VillageDAO to assist in accordance with the brand's requirements. Individual community experts can also register their interest in joining at VillageDAO's website and contact the team if they are interested in becoming a contributor.

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ConsenSys and LivePerson Pilot Program With MetaMask

The company MetaMask, which provides a crypto wallet and blockchain app capabilities, is the first user of the VillageDAO platform, which currently is being piloted. ConsenSys and LivePerson last year already partnered to help MetaMask users through LivePerson's Conversational AI.

“When we first partnered with ConsenSys to use our AI and tech to help their communities get help and resolve issues, we saw how much they cared about their users and wanted to be a leader in this space," LoCascio said.

"Lots of Web3 companies are moving fast and creating new ways of living and working, but often they don’t take the time to make their communities feel that sense of trust and connection that is at the heart of everything we’ve done since back in the Web1 days." 

Learning Opportunities

As LivePerson worked with ConsenSys on making MetaMask customer service faster and more convenient through AI and automation, officials realized they could keep innovating together, combining LivePerson's customer care expertise and tech with ConsenSys' leadership in the space to enable Web3 brands to pursue a decentralized approach to customer care.

"We’re excited about the possibilities VillageDAO can open up for brands to empower their most highly engaged community members to give back and be rewarded," LoCascio said.

LivePerson Updates Conversation Assist Tool

LivePerson has been busy. Its Conversation Assist tool, which gives agents AI-driven, real-time suggestions for integrating information and bots into client interactions, has just undergone substantial changes. The tool examines each message supplied by a customer to establish whether or not a suggestion may assist resolving an issue. If one is found, it then offers the agent with relevant material and automations inside the discussion in the agent's workspace. After that, agents are able to provide the advised responses or assign jobs to the recommended bots.

LivePerson also announced new “Curiously Human” features including advanced routing and self-learning technology, integrations with apps brands and consumers use and better ways to track and deliver conversational commerce. Its new AI-powered dynamic routing and actions capabilities understand a consumer's intent and sentiment, using this insight to automatically route conversations to the best qualified bot or agent. 

LivePerson's new conversational AI can also now use real time signals like intents, conversation quality and sentiment scores to learn and improve on its own, deploying self-healing strategies to understand users better, reset conversations to a known good state and delegate to other capable bots and humans.

"Our proprietary meaningful automated conversation score (MACS) along with dynamic actions," LoCascio said, "allow brands to build dialog handling that learns and improves on its own based on conversation quality — creating a powerful self-learning loop."

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