What new waves of customer experience should organizations be riding in 2022? Why are email newsletters important? How can AI improve Customer Data Platforms and customer experience? Meanwhile, we are looking into what traits and skills are needed to conquer marketing in 2022.

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  • The 5 Customer Experience Waves You Should Be Ready to Ride in 2022 Mazen Ghalayini | Dec. 13. During the previous 18 months, we've all learned to be more resilient in the face of unanticipated challenges. In West Monroe's most recent quarterly pulse of 150 C-level executives, respondents cited the Delta variant, the Great Resignation and material delays and shortages as issues that most affected them.
  • Does Your Digital Workplace Design Help Employees Get Work Done? Cristian Salanti | Dec. 13. It is important to do a job well, particularly if it is a normal task. Spending a little extra time and effort not only prevents many complaints from external or internal consumers, but it is frequently less expensive and more gratifying. Any internal service provider — whether from HR, IT, finance, or any other operationally oriented department — aiming to increase the quality of interactions with internal customers should consider a few things.
  • B2B Marketers: Make Your Email Newsletter a Thing Dennis Shiao | Dec. 14. We think about our email list in terms of transactions: A plethora of names to direct down the sales funnel. A means of converting leads into opportunities. These kinds of campaigns are ineffective. In reality, I feel they merely serve to harm the reputation of your brand. One may even go so far as to term it an email abuse.
  • Using AI-Based CDPs to Improve the Customer Experience Scott Clark | Dec. 14. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are dynamically altering Customer Data Platform (CDP) analytics simply by enabling these systems to access several data points throughout departmental silos, producing a much better customer profile as well as the ability to offer real-time decisioning.
  • Top Marketing Skills and Traits for 2022 Dom Nicastro | Dec. 15. Organizations need marketers with advanced abilities as confirmed by LinkedIn data.
  • Could LinkedIn Be Your Next Company Intranet Platform? Sam Marshall | Dec. 15. Envision a stage where your representatives can see organization news effectively in a versatile work area where they can like and remark, pose inquiries and offer stories. One that has rich profiles so you can track down specialists by expertise and an area in which it's not difficult to associate with project workers, providers and accomplices that work with your organization.
  • The Most Powerful Model for Any Business: Subscription Shep Hyken | Dec. 16. The membership model used to be only for papers and magazines. However, even many years prior, organizations worked with a membership model, and didn't even realize it.
  • Countering the Great Resignation: 4 Tips to Creating a Connected Hybrid Workforce Paul Pellman | Dec. 16. As we wind down and look forward to the new year, huge quantities of us are contemplating the very same thing: "What lies ahead?" While not a single one of us can predict the future, one thing should be at the top for employee care.
  • Do You Need Customer Journey Orchestration? Greg Kihlström | Dec. 16. At this point we realize that clients like, yet expect, a customized experience that conveys what they need, when and how they need it. Expecting and following through on client needs can mean the difference between losing clients to contenders that give a superior encounter.

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