AI continues to hold us spellbound. This week’s CMSWire highlights range from OpenAI’s CEO testifying on AI’s Safety and Ethics to Google’s AI-powered search and a multitude of other topics. Check out some of these recent stories below. Our most recent articles can be found here.

The Growing Power of AI

Let's take a glance through the highlights from CMSWire's past week:

  • In the Case of Generative AI, Healthy Skepticism Is in Order J.D. Little | May 19. The emergence of generative AI has sparked excitement and fear, with its ability to instigate both healthy and detrimental impacts. While AI has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives, it is important to maintain skepticism and responsible AI application.
  • Google, Generative Search and the Web's Uncertain Future Alex Kantrowitz | May 19. Google's AI-powered search engine, which can generate detailed answers to complex queries, may pose a threat to independent websites that rely on search engine traffic. The success of generative search engines ultimately depends on the availability of sustainable web content.
  • OpenAI CEO Testifies on AI Safety and Ethics at US Senate Hearing Jennifer Torres | May 18. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee, discussing AI safety, ethics, and the benefits of AI tools. The hearing also highlighted the potential risks of AI generating extreme misinformation and the need for legislation to address AI technology.
  • 11 Best Artificial Intelligence Courses & Certifications Michelle Hawley | May 17. To meet the rising demand for AI-related skills, the article recommends 11 top-tier AI courses that cover essential skills like machine learning, cloud computing, and natural language processing. These courses provide learning opportunities to develop the sought-after skills and stay competitive in the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence.
  • ChatGPT Plus Users Gear up for Unprecedented Access to 70+ Plug-Ins, This Week Jennifer Torres | May 15. OpenAI is rolling out web browsing and over 70 new external plug-ins to ChatGPT Plus users, offering expanded capabilities to subscribers of the AI language model. The browsing feature enables users to access real-time information beyond ChatGPT's training data, while the plug-ins offer a range of functionalities such as content generation, customer interaction automation, sentiment analysis, market research, and more.

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