LinkedIn added a new enterprise edition tier and other enhancements to Sales Navigator today, its sales tool for prospecting and insights.

Officials at the Mountain View, Calif. professional network call it the biggest update since last June when it integrated Sales Navigator into Salesforce and Gmail. This update incorporates integrations with sales content tracking technology it acquired last year as well as enhanced CRM features.

"Salespeople usually have three tabs open — email, CRM and some flavor of LinkedIn," said Doug Camplejohn, LinkedIn head of products for LinkedIn Sales Solutions. "How can we really add value in that environment? We decided we really should build a system of engagement."

Sales Content Follow-Up

LinkedIn is incorporating technology it gained through the acquisition of PointDrive last July. PointDrive’s application gives sales professionals the ability to personalize and deliver content to their prospects and customers. It also gives the buyer better-packaged information, Camplejohn said.

With PointDrive, salespeople can avoid the customary email loaded with attachments when prospects ask for follow-up information, LinkedIn officials said.

PointDrive "nailed delivering this type of content better than anyone else," said Camplejohn, adding that it's easy to package a bundle of materials through PointDrive and render them in a mobile or desktop experience for the buyer.

It comes with analytics, too: once the content is sent, the seller can track its consumption.

Enterprise Edition Debut

Enterprise is LinkedIn's third tier for Sales Navigator: it already had Professional and Teams editions.

Through the new Enterprise Edition, LinkedIn has increased the number of LinkedIn InMails (emails you can send on LinkedIn even if you're not connected to a person) to 50 per month, added manageability features like Single Sign-On (SSO) and introduced TeamLink Extend.

TeamLink Extend is a tool that pools the networks of all the Sales Navigator users in a company. People within an organization can opt-in their LinkedIn network to the TeamLink pool, which allows salespeople to see if anyone in their company is connected to a potential lead.

Learning Opportunities

The first 1,000 seats of TeamLink Extend will be bundled free with every Enterprise Edition contract.

Enhanced CRM

Sales Navigator’s new CRM Sync now includes write-back functionality, designed to cut down on the manual process of CRM, according to Camplejohn. Notes, InMails or calls from the Sales Navigator mobile app for iOS and Android can be written back as activities to a CRM.

At launch, CRM Sync will be available in Salesforce, and on other CRM platforms this year.

LinkedIn has also added CRM Widgets in a move designed to let salespeople the opportunity to view LinkedIn Sales Navigator profile details, like photos, work history, job titles and TeamLink shared connections within CRMs like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Officials said widget integration will also be coming from other partners like Oracle, SAP Hybris, NetSuite, SugarCRM, HubSpot and Zoho in the near future.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

"Our goal on the product team is to make Sales Navigator the best version of LinkedIn for salespeople and the System of Engagement for our customers," Camplejohn wrote. "Over the last year, we’ve made great progress on these fronts, deepening our CRM integrations, releasing a new Gmail extension, rolling out Mobile Discovery, redesigning the InMail experience, launching a CRM partner program and many other exciting new features (over 50 in all)."