LinkedIn wants its social selling platform customers to get more out of their Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) suite, their Gmail accounts and their sales mobile apps.

The Mountain View, Calif. social professional network today released enhancements for its Sales Navigator platform, its social selling platform for sales agents. LinkedIn has three product lines Talent Solutions, Marketing Solutions and Premium Subs, which includes Sales Solutions

'Definitive' B2B Place

LinkedIn officials realize their Navigator customers are actively using Salesforce CRM, Gmail and their Sales Navigator Mobile App. The enhancements it debuts today will leverage those three platforms to better target accounts and execute.

mike Derezin linkedin

"Ours is the only social selling platform built on a professional network," said Mike Derezin, vice president of LinkedIn's Sales Solutions. He called social selling a "way to build relationships with prospects and clients."

"The exciting area," he added, "is the data now available which gives you the natural ability to connect and engage with customers. LinkedIn being the world's largest professional network puts us in a nice place to be the definitive place for B2B social selling to take place."

Social Selling Sync

LinkedIn officials said only the most relevant accounts will be imported from a user’s Salesforce CRM. Before, users had to manually identify leads and accounts. Now, CRM leads and accounts will now be automatically imported into the Sales Navigator experience.

Learning Opportunities

"It's surfacing insights and intelligence in a way we weren't able to do before," Derezin told CMSWire. 

linkedin crm sync

With the Sales Navigator Gmail extension, users can engage with their Sales Navigator insights inside of Gmail as they communicate with their contacts. Users can access all LinkedIn public profile details and public social contact information.

"You'll get rich profile information and specific sales-related capabilities you don't get in the free version," said Derezin, who added this extension will help sales agents discover "ice-breakers," or things they have in common with prospects, to spark dialogue.

LinkedIn also today introduces new features on its mobile app for Sales Navigator to help users find new accounts and leads. On a new tab, users will receive daily lead and account recommendations based on their sales preferences. They'll get 10 recommendations daily that expire 24 hours and refresh with new recommendations. 

"Our goal for Sales Navigator is to be an important part of the daily lives of sales professionals, and we believe these enhancements will get us that much closer," LinkedIn's Tom Lee blogged. "Ultimately, we want to help sales professionals build deeper relationships by working smarter, not harder, and this reinforces our commitment to make them more efficient and effective every day."