Enterprise customer data platform Treasure Data announced it's secured $234 million in funding earlier this month -- now looking toward global growth moving forward.

November's funding announcement stands as the largest single funding round for a customer data platform, in a time of rapidly growing digital customer interactions. Treasure Data sees this growth, largely fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic, as an opportunity to provide its scalable customer data platform to companies looking for a data-driven experience in a secure and privacy-compliant way.

"We are in the age of the digital customer and now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to leverage the power of data to drive exceptional experiences," said Treasure Data CEO and co-founder Kazuki Ohta. "This investment by SoftBank Corp. will help us execute on our vision of bringing the CDP enterprise-wide, whether it is in marketing, service, sales or beyond. By enhancing our ability to unlock customer-centricity for brands around the world, we continue our long-standing commitment to enable success for Treasure Data's clients."

Since its founding in 2011 Treasure Data has worked to connect companies' data into one smart customer data platform — which the company says enables it to power purposeful engagements, driving value and protecting privacy for more than 450 organizations worldwide.

Learning Opportunities

Now after securing more than $230 million in funding led by Japan-based operating company SoftBank, Treasure Data hopes to continue its mission of working to reclaim customer-centricity in the digital computer age. SoftBank CEO Eric Gan sees that potential in Treasure Data — noting his enthusiasm behind the company's potential to work with a wide range of digital companies.

"Companies are embracing digital transformation with an urgency and CDPs are a critical tool for businesses that want to stay ahead of the curve," said Gan. "SoftBank Corp. and Treasure Data are engaged in collaborations around the world and we are excited to lead this investment to further drive synergies across our group companies in the digital marketing sphere."

Carbide Ventures, an investment firm founded by Treasure Data founders and long-time executives participated in the recent funding round as well. Now with more capital on hand, the company looks to continue growing its platform.

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