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Acquia released a starter kit for Lift to ease marketers into the personalization product PHOTO: daveynin

Boston-based Acquia has unveiled Acquia Lift Starter, a “starter pack” to help marketers gather customer data before they embark on their broader journey towards delivering personalized customer experiences. 

Acquia Lift was released in 2014 as the first purpose-built personalization solution for Drupal. It gave marketers the power to collect profile data and gain insights into segments of their audience. Features include data collection, audience segmenting, content A/B and multi-variant testing, as well as a drag-and-drop interface for content and personalization rules added in 2016.

But Acquia has apparently decided that — while some marketers have taken to Acquia Lift like a duck to water — others may require a more gentle learning curve.

Introducing Acquia Lift Starter

Acquia Lift Starter is exactly what it sounds like, a starter pack to help brands make their first few steps towards delivering personalized content across channels.

According to Acquia, “Acquia Lift Starter unifies profile and behavioral data from multiple sources to create the foundation for in-context, personalized experiences across any channel or device.”

This newest offering from Acquia aims to bring even more data to the table, so marketers can act appropriately through Acquia Lift’s existing personalization features.

Acquia Lift Starter includes:

  • Unified Customer Profiles: Assemble a unified profile in real-time for a complete view of each prospect and customer. Lift captures visitor profile and behavioral data, as well as implicit interests, across digital channels via flexible APIs
  • Progressive Audience Profiling: Automatically merges anonymous and known profiles across various sessions, channels, and devices and pulls in information from other data sources to obtain the most complete view of each visitor
  • Real-time Segmentation: As visitors identify themselves through form submits, Lift adaptively segments the audiences in real-time, based on the behaviors and actions they exhibit
  • Deep Customer Insights: Pre-built dashboards and reports to gain deep insight to segment audiences for the customer journey
  • APIs and Pre-built Connectors: Integrates with existing marketing technologies including third-party systems like CRM systems, marketing automation solutions and email marketing tools.

A Bridge to Acquia Lift

Andrea Rosi of Acquia
Andrea Rosi
To find out exactly how Acquia Lift Starter can help kickstart a brand’s mission to delivering personalized customer journeys, CMSWire spoke to Acquia senior product marketing manager, Andrea Rosi.

“For marketers just beginning their brand's journey to delivering personalized customer experiences, we recommend taking a crawl, walk, run approach to personalization,” She said.

“Before marketers can begin personalizing the customer experience, they must first overcome the challenge of connecting customer data across multiple tools and systems in order to get the most holistic view of their prospect or customer. Acquia Lift Starter makes it easy and fast for marketers to start collecting (and unifying) customer profile and behavioral data across systems to establish the right foundation for personalized digital experiences early on.”

Rosi went on to recommend that, once marketers are ready to 'walk' or 'run,' they should then consider adopting the full Acquia Lift solution as part of their digital experience solution.

“A digital experience platform provides marketers with all of the tools they need to easily build and launch personalized digital experiences across the customer journey at scale, targeting the audience segments they have already pre-defined with Acquia Lift Starter,” she said.