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Crownpeak Acquires Evidon to Boost Digital Quality Management

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Crownpeak acquired digital governance solution provider Evidon yesterday, adding consent and monitoring solutions to help companies comply with privacy laws.

For digital experience management solution provider Crownpeak, it's just the latest addition to its Digital Quality Management (DQM) solution. 

The acquisition of New York City-based Evidon builds on Crownpeak's April 2016 acquisition of DQM provider ActiveStandards. At the time, company officials boasted the buy made it the only cloud-first digital experience management platform with built-in digital quality management. 

Crownpeak was an early Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) web content management provider, and is still cited in industry reports on WCM.

GDPR Amplifies Need for Governance 

Now it's doubling down on its DQM solution, which businesses use to check for content errors and inconsistencies, brand adherence, user experience issues, SEO opportunities, compliance risks, outdated assets and concerns requiring immediate attention.

Company officials said Evidon offers a patented, SaaS-based solutions for digital consent, monitoring and compliance. Officials cited the importance of such solutions in light of the coming EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline, which takes effect May 2018.

"Digital Governance is an integral part of managing the marketing technology stack," Tim Vollman, CEO of Denver-based Crownpeak, said in a statement. "Besides safeguarding companies against brand damage and financial liability, it is critical to a successful user experience." 

Learning Opportunities

Evidon CEO and co-founder Scott Meyer, who will join Crownpeak as the president of the Digital Governance Division, called the union a "natural fit," adding each company is "dedicated to complementary aspects of building customer trust through enabling more responsible digital experiences."

CEO Shuffle

With the acquisition, Crownpeak will double its customer list to more than 500 enterprise companies. K1 Investment Management backed this buy as well as the previous ActiveStandards acquisition.

The ActiveStandards acquisition ushered in some executive changes at the company. 

At the time, Crownpeak COO Jim Yares was named CEO of the merged company. ActiveStandards CEO Simon Lande and Crownpeak’s former CEO, Jim Howard, remained as advisors. Howard served as Crownpeak's CEO since co-founding the company with Carl Sutter in 2001. 

The company shaked things up again in October 2016, when Vollman, previously a consultant for K1 Capital Advisors, took over as CEO. Yares is now a company board advisor while serving as senior vice president of field operations at Illumio