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The glue to any strong relationship is trust, be it between a parent and child, husband and wife, or a brand and its customers. 

Establish trust and an emotional connection, and you'll build lifetime loyalty and an unbreakable bond.

Executives from Geneva, Switzerland-based digital experience provider Jahia Solutions will go in-depth on this topic during the May 12 CMSWire webinar, "Trust Matters: Privacy, Advocacy & CX."

CX Connections Through Trust 

Jahia's formula? Trusted by design = privacy, advocacy and CX.

Kevin Cochrane, Jahia's CMO, and Jessica Sundstrom, Jahia's VP of digital, will discuss how quality relationships are built on trust and how long-term relationships demonstrate loyalty. 

Most brands know this, but many fail to execute. Companies still struggle to achieve customer loyalty, much less advocacy. 

Establishing an emotional connection with customers should be at the fore of a brand's customer experience vision. But it takes time.

Brands have to understand their customers in ever-deepening ways, including meeting them in the moment to serve their needs. Violate that trust, and customers will emotionally disconnect with brands.

Trusted by Design

Jahia officials will explore why its trusted by design formula is critical for organizations today. The May 12, 2pm ET webinar will cover:

  • The five critical elements that build customer trust and loyalty
  • The business case for investing in customer experience and advocacy
  • Three hallmarks of brand advocacy as a framework for organizational focus
  • Emerging regulations around customer data protection and privacy
  • The relationship between agility, customer privacy and brand advocacy

To learn more information or to register for the webinar, go here.

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