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Moxie Drives Engagement at the Digital Storefront

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Abandoned shopping carts are ugly things for merchants and brands.

The same holds true for would-be buyers, who visit a website, peruse the goods and services and then leave empty-handed.

According to Tara Sporrer, vice president of marketing at Moxie Software, more than 97 percent of online shoppers leave sites without making a purchase — and that’s via a browser, which is the best case. Only two percent buy via tablets and a measly one percent via smart phones.

For e-commerce sites, those are discouraging statistics. But the team at Moxie Software claims it has a fix.

What’s the Problem? 

“No one is staffing the (e-commerce) store,” said Sporrer.

At least that’s the impetus for the new Moxie Suite and its patent-pending Engagement Mapper. It was designed to drive contextual and proactive digital engagement throughout the customer journey by enriching Moxie’s live chat, knowledge and email solutions with analytics and intelligent decision-making.

Tara Sporrer

The goal is to help businesses predict customer intent and engage with the right customer at the right time through the right communication channel.

When you walk into a physical store, there’s usually some kind of contextual interaction, said Sporrer. It can range anywhere from “Hello” to “Would you like to see what other colors that comes in?”

“We don’t get that kind of attention online,” she said. The Moxie Suite E-Commerce can reportedly help sellers can change that.

Learning Opportunities

engagement mapper

According to Sporrer, the Moxie Suite is a responsively designed product that enables businesses to:

  • Configure engagement rules based on real time customer behavior
  • Leverage proactive and reactive customer engagement channels, including chat, snippets of knowledge, and email
  • Measure the impact and outcome of customer engagements with visibility into uplift, conversion, revenue and agent performance

Cool Tool: Does It Work?

Moxie, of course, claims an emphatic yes, and provided testimonials from two customers who had early access to the product.

Dennis Kopitz, director of e-commerce at Detroit-based handmade goods maker Shinola was impressed. He said the Moxie Suite led to more productive interactions on his site and an increase in conversion by 6.25 percent. The website experience, he claims, mimics that of a physical store.

Ingrid Mignott, director of information technology at Unique Vacations, echoed a similar sentiment. “Moxie has helped us better our conversion rates and total customer value by allowing us to connect in real-time with our digital customers just as we do when they are guests at our resorts.”

Fair assessments? We'll know soon. The software becomes publicly available today.

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