Moz, a search engine optimization technology provider, has announced today the launch of a Performance Metrics suite, a new beta feature within the Site Crawl toolset in Moz Pro. The Performance Metrics suite was designed to save Moz Pro clients time. It adds the capacity to investigate thousands of URLs of their choosing directly within their SEO platform. The new component provides insights on the best way to improve on-site client experience.

This news comes in front of Google's impending algorithm changes on "page experience" that incorporates basic search signals and Core Web Vitals and is slated for a gradual rollout starting in mid-June. The end goal: improve sites' loading speed, interactivity and stability.

“SEO strategies can't be limited to just content and links. In order to outrank your competitors and engage customers, SEOs increasingly have to understand the overall health of a website and how that impacts experience," said Tom Capper, senior search scientist at Moz. "With our new Performance Metrics suite, we're equipping SEOs — ahead of Google's algorithm change — with a simplified process to get the whole picture of their page experience and performance factors, and the steps to take to improve them."

Learning Opportunities

These new features will enable Moz Pro customers to:

  • Analyze thousands of pages en masse each month
  • Compare mobile versus desktop area execution scores
  • View execution data alongside search data
  • Process opportunities for performance improvement
  • Get insights from Moz's Search Scientists on the most proficient method to fix issues and why they matter

“The new metrics dashboard helps me determine at a high level what pages need the most attention to increase their performance and what might be holding an individual page back from performing as well as it should. The information also allows me to communicate more clearly with my web developer to enable any fixes and ensure my key pages stay relevant within the SERPs,” said Andy Gremett, director of product marketing at Pepperdata.

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