Rackspace has finally announced the general availability of Rackspace Managed Cloud For AEM (RSAEM), which, it claims will cut the time to deploy Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) from weeks to as little as 30 minutes.

These architected and optimized environments include ongoing proactive planning and guidance with around-the-cloud support for the application layer and infrastructure.

AEM is a web content management system designed to enable marketers and IT departments to create, edit, manage and optimize websites across digital channels such as web, mobile, social and more.

RSAEM, for its part, is built with an application-first focus and then back-engineered to develop the support for those apps. It's geared towards a non-technical audience: for marketing departments interested in AEM but who can’t afford to do it themselves.

Work, Not Maintenance

Eric Brinkman, product manager for Rackspace DevOps Automation Service, wrote in a blog post that the idea was to provide a platform that users can work on rather than something they have to spend most of their time servicing. He noted:

“When the Rackspace Digital Product team started looking at building managed platforms to run digital workloads, our aim was to create applications that our customers log in and work with, rather than manage, host, configure and maintain. That’s because the faster customers can work with their applications, the faster they can get their content to market.

“As we set out to build this platform, we first identified a common set of components, like auto-scaling, blue-green deployments, automated cloning of environments, self-healing, simple pricing and the ability to get applicable metrics from the environment and application of interest."

When Rackspace unveiled RSAEM in August, it estimated the general release would be out in mid-October. When it finally saw the light of day yesterday, it contained a few new additions, including:

  • Secure Architecture: RSAEM is built on a re-configured infrastructure so the general release now comes with a 100 percent application guarantee
  • Enterprise Support:  Allows for 50 authors to work at the same time on the same website
  • Simple AEM Environment Cloning: Easy replication of common workflows like development environments
  • Application Performance Monitoring: AppDynamics is included as part of which gives deep application insight into each AEM environment.

What’s Next

RSAEM Cloud for AEM accelerates time to market for launching Adobe Experience Manager sites while helping to simplify the day to day management of AEM, Kyle Metcalf, general manager of the Digital Practice Area at Rackspace, told CMSWire yesterday when the general release was announced.

“Our goal is to turn Adobe Experience Manager into something our customers log in and work straight away,” he said.

For this managed cloud launch, Rackspace is exclusively leveraging Amazon Web Services to host its customer AEM environments, with infrastructure costs, support and application support are built into each plan’s pricing.

Rackspace also plans to release products for Magento, Oracle Commerce, hybris and Sitecore under the Rackspace Digital umbrella, a business it launched last year with a specific focus on digital marketing, infrastructure and application hosting.

Metcalf told us that the Magento release is scheduled for the first quarter next year with the others to follow over the course of 2016.