Campbell, Calif.-based [24]7 is launching a suite of marketing technology solutions that it said will help marketers connect with and influence consumers at multiple touchpoints.

[24]7 is a customer engagement platform that pushes predictive, personalized search campaigns. The new solution — the [24]7 Customer Acquisition Cloud — follow [24]7's 2015 acquisitions of Campanja, a paid search bid optimization platform, and EngageClick, a personalized marketing company.

Influencing Purchases

The company is capitalizing on the ubiquity of pre-purchase online search. Customers typically search online and research reviews and social networks before making a purchase, said [24]7 CMO Scott Horn.

“A customer's journey begins well before they make a purchase or seek support. Think about the last time you wanted to book a trip. You probably read online reviews and conducted a few different searches,” he said.

“This presents a great opportunity for marketers to acquire new customers while they’re conducting research and offer consistent, personalized engagement all the way through to the end.”

Bid Optimization

The Customer Acquisition Cloud combines its marketing suite with Campanja’s high-frequency bidding and predictive data modeling. It's intended to help marketers predict the value of search clicks and run personalized search campaigns.

The platform uses customer intent data and bid optimization to suggest personalized offerings and services throughout the customer journey, from search to purchase. Customer acquisition is more effective and cheaper this way, [24]7 said.

“What’s unique about this technology is that it keeps pace with real-time market fluctuations to deliver the right bid, at the right time, at the right price. This real-time tracking monitors consumer actions and calculates the value of those actions so that advertisers can adapt to consumer behavior,” Horn said.

Learning Opportunities

After calculating value per click, Campanja’s bidding engine adjusts bids throughout the day, bidding up to seven times an hour or 168 times a day on one keyword, Horn said, adding, “Most search bidding technologies bid, on average, once over the course of a day.”

Personalized Campaigns

With EngageClick in the mix, [24]7 adds machine learning to identify and adapt to customer behavior.

According to [24]7, the machine learning capabilities work with data sources to predict what customers buy, wanted in the past and will want in the future. The system then decides the best digital content channel and makes the appropriate offers to each customer.

[24]7 also introduced [24]7 Messaging for Facebook Messenger, which integrates its chat and virtual agent technology in Messenger.

“These are examples of our commitment to help companies deliver smart, connected customer experiences, and we’re continuing to introduce solutions that make the customer experience more intuitive,” Horn said.