All the typical Monday motivation is sure to get some people off to a great start.

But for the rest of us, platitudes about new beginnings and messages about how it's "a great day to be alive" are more annoying that inspirational. Rather than excite us, thoughts of a busy schedule filled with new projects, more deadlines and those oh-so-hard-to-avoid meetings are more likely to provoke mild anxiety.

We hear you.

Great Monday Morning Reads

With that in mind, let's take it slow and warm up to the work week, nice and easy.

Learning Opportunities

Grab a good cup of whatever it is you enjoy this time of day, find a quiet corner and peruse this selection of CMSWire articles you may have missed in the bustle of the past few weeks. It'll be 15-minutes well spent.

Happy Monday!

  1. Dion Beary explores a simple: question with a complex answer in Man vs. Machine: When to Hire Someone, When to Implement Software
  2. Francois Pienaar discusses the disconnect between productivity solutions and the core functionality of user adoption in Innovation's Challenge: Focus on the End User
  3. Ivan Seselj thinks success comes down to developing the ability to control natural human reactions to stress and systematically working through a set of refined processes — and explains why in How to Create Processes that Hold Up Under Pressure
  4. Andrew Pope acknowledges "the harder we try to come up with an idea, the harder it becomes to find one" in 5 Hallmarks of the Everyday Innovator
  5. Carrie Melissa Jones said a lot of community managers are passionate about their community’s health, but don’t know how to make executives care too. She explains what to do in Answering That Pesky Community ROI Question
  6. Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer made an interesting connection between a child's toy and digital experience platforms in Look to Legos for DX Platform Agility Tips
  7. Lisa Carolan tells us how behavior marketing automation can help you challenge the status quo and reap the rewards that you want in Challenge the Status Quo With Behavior Marketing Automation
  8. Paul Miller notes that a wide and ever-expanding range of digital services is available to help leaders — and discusses them in Leadership In a Digital World Speaks to More Than Just Employees
  9. David Aponovich warns that organizational issues, coupled with bad technology is often to blame when companies fall behind digitally in The Digital Dash: Strategies to Keep Pace With Your Customers
  10. Derek Walter gets to the heart of some innovative ideas from Cynthia Holcomb — one of our DX Summit 2016 speakers — in Embrace the Neuroscience of Preference for Better DX

Title image by Annie Spratt

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