Hiring recent college graduates is tricky. Even those with the best transcripts are still missing a lot of skills they need to make it in the real world.

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, employers want more than the right degree and good grades- they want critical thinking and reasoning skills in their prospective employees.

What Skills Are Employers Seeking?

Employers care more about what a prospective employee can offer the company than what they majored in. According to the AACU survey:

  • 95 percent of employers are looking for someone who can contribute to innovation
  • 95 percent of employers want a candidate with integrity
  • 75 percent of employers are looking for candidates with communication and problem solving skills
  • 80 percent of employers agree some level of liberal arts education is important

Time Management Skills Are Crucial To Success

It doesn’t matter if you were the class valedictorian- if you can’t make it to work on time you aren’t going to be able to hold down a job. Employers are looking for good time management skills, and that includes efficiency in your productivity. Some tips to bolster productivity include:

  • Schedule tasks so there is no question as to what you should be doing
  • Make important things a priority and leave the smaller stuff for later
  • Set personal goals to get things done and stick to them
  • Leave your phone on the other side of the office so you aren’t tempted to waste time
  • Take regular breaks to avoid getting burned out

Managing Your Personal Life Improves Your Work Life

Employees who are constantly tired and disheveled aren’t going to be giving 100 percent to the job. Recognizing that there is a life outside of the office is important, but letting that outside life threaten your job stability is irresponsible.

Getting plenty of sleep and exercise is part of being an adult, and the benefits can be felt in all areas of life. Some healthy lifestyle tips include:

  • Eat a nutritious diet that has enough of the right nutrients for your body
  • Avoid simple carbohydrates
  • Get regular exercise, and do it outside whenever you can to reap the benefits of sunlight exposure
  • Get plenty of sleep, important for a multitude of reasons

Learning How To Empathize Helps You Professionally

Knowing that everyone in the world is not exactly like you is the first step to working well with others. When employees can recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses, it can greatly improve efficiency and team building. Compassion helps with the team relationships by adding to the work climate.

Learning Opportunities

Why Grads Need To Work On “Adulting”

A college degree alone isn’t enough to get recent grads to the level they need to be in order to be successful as employees and eventually business leaders.

There’s a whole other level of personal development that has to take place in order to be able to juggle work and life, and those things are often referred to as “adulting.”

Learn more about developing life skills from this infographic. College is great but it’s not the end of personal development.

adulthood by brian wallace